This week on Microsoft: Windows 10 will allow users to link their Android smartphone to their PC

Many novelties were announced this week from Microsoft. One of the most important ones is the chance to test an upcoming feature of Windows 10 that allows users to link their Android smartphones to their Windows 10 PCs, so that they can share a common clipboard and other productive features. To see more details and other interesting news, read this week's recap:

Microsoft: the news of the week

These articles are this week's most important news in Microsoft's ecosystem:

Windows 10's latest preview links an Android phone to a PC - In a new Windows 10 preview (build 16251) released this week, Android users are able to test a new "Microsoft Apps" application that links a smartphone to a PC. Microsoft hasn't revealed when iPhone users will be able to test this feature, so it's Android only for now.

The Windows 10 Creators Update Is Now Available To Everyone - Reading this statement in July might seem weird, given that the Creators Update was released in April, and that the Fall Creators Update is set to debut in the coming months. But the announcement matters because Microsoft has been experimenting with a different update process, which could help consumers and business customers alike the chance to get the latest version of Windows on a more predictable timeframe.

Microsoft rationalizes and rebrands Windows 10, Office updates again - Microsoft has put all the pieces together and delivered what should be the long-term plan for Windows, Windows Server, and Office updates. It's not a huge shake-up from the cobbled together plan before, but the naming is new and consistent.

Microsoft Paint Was Never Going to Die, But It Made for Good Headlines - Microsoft listed the iconic program as deprecated as of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, meaning the company would not be pouring further resources into maintaining it. It would, for the record, still be there, deep in the bowels of the Windows system, like so many features that haven't been useful for a long time.

Microsoft begins soft rollout of 'intelligent' image searching in Photos app - A new update to the native Photos app in Windows brings A.I. assisted searching of your OneDrive photos. Here is how it works!

Microsoft's Cortana assistant can now help you track your health and fitness with Fitbit - Microsoft has announced the launch of a new skill for Cortana, promising to make it "easier than ever to monitor your health and fitness goals" by using its digital assistant in conjunction with Fitbit's wearable devices.

The End of an Era – Next Steps for Adobe Flash - Adobe announced that Flash will no longer be supported after 2020. Microsoft will phase out support for Flash in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer ahead of this date. Read this announcement to see their approach. If you have issues with Flash in Microsoft Edge, you should also read this tutorial: How to unblock Flash content in Microsoft Edge and manage the way it is loaded.

Microsoft will now pay up to $250,000 for Windows 10 security bugs - In the spirit of maintaining a high security bar in Windows, Microsoft is launching the Windows Bounty Program. Microsoft will now pay up to $250,000 for severe Hyper-V vulnerabilities, and security bugs in Microsoft Edge or Windows 10 preview builds will fetch up to $15,000.

SkyNet one step closer as Microsoft develops an AI which can teach other AIs to read and understand - Microsoft has created Artificial Intelligence which can be trained on one set of labelled text to discern what items contain interesting data, and then automatically generate question and answer pairs from the data. More details in this news article.

Windows Subsystem for Linux out of Beta! - In Windows 10 Fall Creators Update due to ship in fall 2017, the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) will no longer be a beta feature and will become a fully supported Windows 10 feature. Early adopters on the Windows Insider program will notice that it is no longer marked as a beta feature as of Windows Insider build 16251.