This week on Microsoft: Skype Preview is getting finalized for Windows 10 Creators Update

This week, the Skype Preview app is getting finalized, and it is no longer highlighted as "beta" software. This move comes in preparation for Microsoft's Windows 10 Creators Update launch, early next month. To learn more about what's new, as well as other exciting news, like Microsoft's launch of a special Windows 10 version, approved by the Chinese government, read this week's recap:

Microsoft: the news of the week

These articles are this week's most important news in Microsoft's ecosystem:

Skype Preview app is finally emerging from preview ahead of Windows 10 Creators Update - the Skype app is finally dropping its 'Preview' tag, just as the company is finalizing its upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update. With the latest update to the app, it has been renamed simply as 'Skype,' and has also picked up a few additional improvements.

Microsoft Outlook, Skype, OneDrive hit by another authentication issue - Two weeks ago, a widespread authentication problem prevented some Microsoft users from accessing their cloud services. It looks like it happened again this week.

Clippy looms over Manhattan in this building design proposal - a new idea from an architecture studio called Oiio is especially insane because that skyscraper is Clippy.

Red Flag Windows: Microsoft modifies Windows OS for the Chinese government - The custom version developed is essentially a custom image of Windows 10 at its core, with a set of policy settings hard-coded for government users.

Xbox One will allow custom gamer pics before long - This month as part of Microsoft's Xbox Insider preview program, users will be able to test out custom gamer pics, Wi-Fi authentication through a browser, and a new filter option for cleanly splitting your game library by platform.

Microsoft unveils gorgeous Recon Tech Special Edition Xbox One Wireless Controller - Microsoft announced a new special edition of the Xbox One Wireless Controller. As part of its new "Tech Series," the Recon Tech design looks fantastic and should provide a comfortable gaming experience. It is even compatible with the upcoming "Copilot" feature, which lets two controllers control the same thing at once.

GameStop praises Project Scorpio's 4K focus and gamer-friendly approach - During retailer GameStop's latest earnings call, COO Tony Bartel stated that he couldn't share much about Microsoft's upcoming device, but he was impressed with what he knew.

A new tool from Microsoft makes it easy to switch from Mac to Surface - A new tool available from Microsoft is now available to make it easier for Mac users to make the switch to a Surface.

Microsoft's latest attempt to get into connected cars involves patents - Microsoft is making a fresh try to convince companies to use its technology for connected vehicles. The software giant is announcing a patent licensing deal with Toyota, the first of its kind.

Azure Service Fabric takes first tentative steps toward open source - Microsoft's embrace of open source software continues, with Azure Service Fabric making the first tentative foray into the open world.

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