This week on Microsoft: Here's how the upcoming Surface Pro looks!

This week, images have leaked on the internet, showing the upcoming Surface Pro device before its official launch at the end of May. We also learned that Linux and command-line applications won't be available in Windows 10 S. For more details as well as other exciting news, read this week's recap:

Microsoft: the news of the week

These articles are this week's most important news in Microsoft's ecosystem:

This is the new Microsoft Surface Pro - This is not a wholesale redesign, to be sure: It looks very much the same as its predecessor, first released in late 2015 alongside the company's innovative Surface Book.

Windows 10 S: no command line apps, free Pro upgrades for assistive tech users - First, a thing 10 S won't do: run command-line applications. CMD and PowerShell, the two built-in Windows command-line interfaces, won't be supported. Neither will the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) that allows the use of Linux software on Windows.

New Windows 10 Insider preview lets you try Story Remix and other Fall Update features now - Microsoft just released a fresh Windows 10 Insider preview build and it adds one of the highlight features of the just-announced Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, along with some other goodies.


Microsoft redesigns OneNote UI to make it more universally accessible - The redesign will apply to what Microsoft calls the Windows 10 (or UWP) version of OneNote, as well as the versions for iOS and Android, the Mac, and the Web. The traditional Win32 version of the software will apparently remain unaffected.

Microsoft quietly adds Expiring Links feature for OneDrive users with Office 365 - Microsoft has released, without any official statement, a new feature called Expiring Links to OneDrive Premium subscribers. An extra option is now available in the Share interface on OneDrive web, which allows the setting of a period of days in which the generated link will remain operational.

Microsoft Debuts a New Sharing Interface for OneDrive on PC, Mac - Microsoft unveiled a new sharing interface for OneDrive on Windows and Mac at its SharePoint Virtual Summit. This new interface is a lot friendlier than the current shell-based sharing functionality, and it will be consistent with a revised sharing interface on the web.

Microsoft accidentally teases new 'Control Center' feature for Windows 10 - Microsoft accidentally teased the existence of a new "Control Center" in the works for Windows 10. Here's a first look.

WannaCrypt ransomware: Microsoft issues emergency patch for Windows XP - Microsoft takes the unusual step of providing direct support to unsupported systems, as targets in 74 countries - including vast swathes of UK hospitals - have been impacted by the ransomware attack across the globe.

Windows 7, not XP, was the reason last week's WCry worm spread so widely - Now that researchers have had time to analyze the self-replicating attack, they're learning details that shed new and sometimes surprising light on the world's biggest ransomware attack.

Is Microsoft to blame for the largest ransomware attacks in internet history? - There's a long list of parties responsible, including the criminals, the NSA, and the victims themselves — but the most controversial has been Microsoft itself. The attack exploited a Windows networking protocol to spread within networks, and while Microsoft released a patch nearly two months ago, it's become painfully clear that the patch didn't reach all users.

Microsoft's renewed embrace of developers, developers, developers, developers - Driven by necessity, there has been a significant broadening of scope. No longer is Microsoft solely interested in developers building on the Windows platform for the Windows platform: instead, we're seeing a concerted effort both to reach developers on other platforms and developers for other platforms.

Microsoft announces new Bing features following Build 2017 - The search engine will now support bots, eSports coverage and search for hiking and camping places.