This week on Microsoft: Game Mode is arriving for Windows insiders

This week Microsoft has released for testing the upcoming Game Mode, alongside other gaming related features that will be included in the future Windows 10 Creators Update. If you want to see what's new and how it works, you should read this week's recap. We also have other interesting news to share, including the latest financial results that were reported by Microsoft and some details about an upcoming Windows 10 Cloud edition.

Microsoft: the news of the week

These articles are this week's most important news in Microsoft's ecosystem:

New Windows 10 Creators Update gaming features arrive this week for Windows Insiders - It's a big update week for PC and Xbox One gamers who are part of the Xbox and Windows Insider Programs. Starting this week, these gamers will see and experience new features from the Windows 10 Creators Update on PC, with additional features expected to hit the console in the coming days.

Windows 10 Cloud SKU Shows Up In Latest Insider Build - While not fully conclusive, this information does point to the fact that Microsoft is toying with the idea of a new edition of Windows, called Cloud.

Microsoft's 2Q17: cloud growth slows, Windows surprising, Surface resilient - In the second quarter of the 2017 financial year, Microsoft posted revenue of $24.1 billion, up by 1 percent year on year, with operating income of $6.0 billion, up by 3 percent, net income of $5.0 billion, up by 4 percent, and earnings per share of $0.62, up by 6 percent.

Windows 10 versus Windows 7: Whose numbers do you trust? - Are users really in love with Windows 7? Or are they clinging to old habits as Windows 10 rolls out? Three popular data sources offer very different answers. Regardless of which one you choose, take that data with a heaping helping of salt.

DON'T WANT WINDOWS 10? COOL HARDWARE MAY CHANGE YOUR MIND - Wander over to the Microsoft Store, and you see an amazing variety of really cool technology, multiple shapes, and sizes of PC systems, at a broad range of price points.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella joins Starbucks board of directors - Microsoft's Chief Executive Officer, Satya Nadella, is joining the board of directors of Starbucks, the global coffee company based in Seattle, a few miles from the tech giant's headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

Microsoft is making it easier for the Thai government to break web encryption - The Thai government is looking to take greater control over its citizens' web encryption, according to a new report from Privacy International, and Microsoft is part of the problem.

Sleep deprived? New study says your performance will suffer - a new study from Microsoft's research organization, analyzed anonymized data on people's online activities and sleep behavior to show how sleep quality impacts our ability to type queries on a search engine and click on the results. They extracted some interesting insights.

Microsoft just laid off its best presenter - A staple of Microsoft's recent press conferences has been Bryan Roper, the exuberant man wearing a trilby who was able to do a better job than anyone else on the planet at getting people excited about minor Windows features. But it looks like we've seen the last of him at Microsoft: Roper tweeted out that he's been laid off, as part of around 700 jobs being cut.

Microsoft: 'We share the concerns' over Trump's immigration order and are giving employees legal help - Microsoft is providing "legal advice and assistance" to employees who might be affected by President Donald Trump's executive action on immigration, the company says.

Microsoft fails to impress tech media by selling thousands of HoloLenses - while version one of the HoloLens may not have reached the sales levels required to wow the tech press, perhaps version two or three will do the trick.

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