This week on Microsoft: The 2-in-1 foldable smartphone that can be a tablet

This week, Microsoft has patented a 2-in-1 foldable device which can act both as a smartphone and a tablet. The patent describes a smartphone that is supported by a flexible hinge structure that can be used with ease, so that you double your screen space and get a tablet instead of a smartphone. To learn more about this patent, pictures includes, as well as other interesting news, read this week's recap:

Microsoft: the news of the week

These articles are this week's most important news in Microsoft's ecosystem:

Microsoft patents a foldable phone-to-tablet mobile device - Microsoft is patenting a 2-in-1 foldable device which can act both as a smartphone and a tablet. In this patent, Microsoft describes a device that is flexible supported by a flexible hinge structure.

Windows 10's new power slider lets you improve battery life or performance - Microsoft is testing a new Windows 10 feature that will let users quickly adjust power options to improve battery life or performance. The software giant has added a power slider option to the main battery section of the taskbar, which greatly improves power management in Windows 10.

Minecraft Pocket Edition will no longer receive updates for Windows mobile devices - Minecraft Pocket Edition will no longer receive updates for Windows Phone 8.1 or 10 Mobile, but it will still be available in the store. This will come as a considerable blow for Windows mobile fans of the game, but the number of users spending time in Minecraft PE for Windows 8.1 and 10 Mobile is reportedly very low, making the development hours needed to keep it up to date simply no longer economically viable.

Cortana is coming to your lock screen on Android - If you use Cortana on your Android phone, you might be glad to know that Microsoft is making it much easier to access Cortana by bringing it to the lock screen. That's because Cortana will soon be accessible from your Android phone's lock screen with just a single swipe thanks to an upcoming update.

Microsoft to have holographic developer kits for cheap VR headsets at GDC - The Windows 10 Creators Update, currently anticipated to be released in April, will include a wealth of new 3D, virtual, and augmented reality capabilities. This will be used with a range of relatively cheap headsets such as the one Lenovo showed at CES.

Microsoft is finally rebuilding the Xbox One dashboard for speed - Every Xbox One will see an update coming to the Guide that will make it faster to complete common tasks.

First look at Windows 10's upcoming store for e-books - Microsoft is working on a new a store for e-books in Windows 10. The software giant actually started building in features related to the Books store late last year with the release of EPUB (a popular file type for e-books) support on Microsoft Edge.

Scientists used a Windows phone to sequence DNA - Swedish researchers this week published the results of a study where they used a Windows phone to analyse DNA sequencing reactions in cells and tissues.

LinkedIn's new design looks a lot like Facebook - LinkedIn is refreshing its entire site with a new look that's designed to bring the aging social network firmly into the 21st century. While most LinkedIn users probably visit the site infrequently, or because of a deluge of nagging emails, LinkedIn's new design makes navigating the site a lot easier.

Microsoft Delays Windows 10's My People Feature - As part of its recent announcement about a new Windows 10 Insider Preview build, Microsoft revealed that the My People feature will be delayed. It is now expected to debut in the release of Windows 10 that will ship in late 2017.

Microsoft's new adaptive shell will help Windows 10 scale across PC, Mobile, and Xbox - Microsoft is about to take the next step with its "One Windows" vision by introducing an improved, adaptable Windows Shell that'll work across PC, Mobile and Xbox.

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