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Wojciech Toman's photographs are full of lively colors that present nature in all its vivacious beauty. Originally from Warsaw, Poland, Wojciech is a passionate travel photographer who loves spectacular landscapes and HDR techniques. He was introduced to HDR techniques while working as a 3D graphics programmer for video games and is now a software developer by trade, currently part of the Photomatix Pro development team. Photomatix Pro is a photo editing software that he himself uses for most of his HDR photos. He also runs a successful photography blog and loves to share his knowledge and techniques through tutorials and free presets. To find out more about Wojciech and see the beautiful autumn mountain scenes he has chosen to share with us, check out his interview below.

Introducing Wojciech Toman

Wojciech talked to us about the unexpected passion photography awakened in him and his post-processing secrets in a short interview:

How did you get into photography?

By accident. I replaced my point and click Olympus film camera with a Canon 400D DSLR at the beginning of 2008, if I recall correctly. For the first year or two I was just capturing some snapshots during my travels. The more photos I took, the more I liked it. At some point I started to read online resources and books to understand how digital cameras really work, what is manual mode, aperture, ISO etc. I started to experiment with different settings and techniques. I tried paying more attention to composition and colors in my photos. And before I realized it, photography became my great passion. And it still is.

What inspires you when you take photos? What are your favorite subjects?

My greatest inspiration is nature itself. All those sunrises, sunsets, amazing views, warm light, red leaves on the forest path, reflections in a puddle, crazy weather conditions, are not only beautiful, but very inspiring at the same time. My favorite subjects are therefore landscapes - I want to show their beauty. I want to show viewers how I see nature. How I feel about it.

What type of camera do you use and what sort of post-processing software?

Currently, I have two cameras. A full-frame Canon EOS 5D MK III which I use most of the time and a crop Canon EOS 50D which is my backup camera. I use Canon 24 f/1.4 or Canon 24-105 f/4 lenses as 24 mm is my favorite focal length.
Regarding post-processing tools I use quite a lot of them, including Photomatix Pro to create HDR images, Adobe Lightroom to manage photos and do some basic adjustments, Adobe Photoshop to do more advanced tweaks and some Topaz Labs plugins to make my photos really pop. I use so much software because for me, photography is a creative process. Taking a photo is just the beginning. The post-processing can take even a few days.

You have a strong online presence. Do you think it's important to be part of an online community of photography enthusiasts? How does that influence your photography?

Definitely! It helps reach a broader audience and it's especially important if you're on a mission to share your knowledge. This way I can reach more people with my photography tutorials or free resources (like free presets for Lightroom or Photomatix). But the fact that my photos are viewed by thousands of people is nice too. The only problem with being active online is that it takes so much time.

Which photograph that you've taken are you most proud of and why?

Tough question. There are quite a few photos I'm proud of, but Christmas Market in Warsaw is one of my personal favorites. Everything worked for me there - details were amazing, the light was nice and so were the reflections.

What's the thing/place you would most like to photograph, but you haven't had the chance to yet?

There are dozens of places and subjects I'd love to photograph, with Iceland, Nepal and Patagonia being on top of my list. What's more, every week I discover new and interesting locations that I'd like to visit and photograph. I hope to visit at least a few of them during the next few years.

What are your plans with photography from here on out?

My plan is to travel even more than I do now (although that might be quite difficult) so I can grab even more good quality pictures and learn more about the surrounding world. I also hope to start selling my photos and eventually lead workshops.

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Wojciech has chosen to share his beautiful autumn shots of the mountains in Tatra National Park (from Poland) with our readers.

The Windows 7 theme can be downloaded from here. The Windows 8 theme can be downloaded from here.

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