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Tomasz Huczek's photographs are full of spectacular landscapes, tumultuous seas and starry skies, a vibrant world showcasing nature at its most beautiful. The 27 year old Polish national left his home country for the beautiful beaches of Cyprus where he discovered his passion for photography. He believes that the best photographs happen only at the right time and place and he is always patiently waiting for that moment. Although he works in IT, he cannot imagine life without his camera and his guitar. To learn more about Tomasz and download an amazing Windows theme featuring his work, we recommend reading this interview.

Introducing Tomasz Huczek

Tomasz spoke to us about his love of landscape photography and his hunt for the perfect conditions, for the shot that will bring out the extraordinary in the most ordinary of places.

How did you get into photography?

My adventure with photography started soon after I moved to Cyprus. The new environment left me with a deep impression: the landscapes, the new places, the different surroundings – it all somehow made me want to start capturing all the images I saw before me. I got a DSLR camera and started working on my technique.

What inspires you when you take photos? What are your favorite subjects?

I'm most passionate about landscape photography. Looking for extraordinary weather conditions, the perfect light, getting up early for a beautiful sunrise or watching the light change during sunset and experiencing all that while surrounded by nature. I'm inspired by the new places I visit or just by the things I see... When I'm at home or at work and I see that there's a beautiful spectacle in the sky, I immediately feel sorry for missing an opportunity to take a picture in the field. It inspires me to go out next time, whenever I can. Other people's work also inspires me. Creative work always speaks to me and gives me an impulse to explore new areas and experiment more with my photography.

What type of camera do you use and what sort of post-processing software?

Right now I shoot with a Nikon D800 and pretty much all my landscape pictures have been taken with the ultra wide angle lens Nikkor 16-35mm VR. I use filters extensively too - polarizers and ND filters for long exposure shots. My post-processing workflow consists of importing RAW files into Adobe Lightroom and doing some initial adjustments there. The next step is to export them into Adobe Photoshop. I do the main post processing there.

Do you have any photographers and artists that you look up to?

I think it's more about the photographs than the photographers. In many cases it's a particular photo that impresses me rather than the whole portfolio of a specific author. Of course, there are amazing photographers and I love all their work but, to be honest, every day I discover a stunning picture taken by some stranger, somewhere on the other side of the world. It's all about being in the right place at the right time, and doing your best to capture the moment.

What's the thing/place you would most like to photograph, but you haven't had the chance to yet?

It would be great to go to an exotic country, to visit unusual places, but as a photographer I try to show ordinary places in an extraordinary light. It's the kind of thing where somebody looks at my photo and says that he knows this place, but it looks amazing in my picture! But it requires patience and coming back to the same spot over and over again until eventually there is the perfect light that makes for an extraordinary picture.

Which photograph that you've taken are you most proud of and why?

I think that it changes constantly as over time I notice a lot of the mistakes I've made before. But there's one particular photo I'm most proud of because I was able to capture the perfect moment: Sunset fire. I've visited this place so many times, I've seen so many sunsets on this beach, but this particular one was just unforgettable. This is definitely a great example of the right time and the right place.

What's your plan with photography from here on out?

Time will tell. Inspiration might take me to different places. I might learn a new technique, get new equipment. I love experimenting and exploring new areas, and who knows where this will take me in the future...

Enjoy Tomasz's Work Through a Windows Theme - Download Links

Tomasz has chosen to include some of his most amazing landscapes in the Windows theme shared with our readers.

The Windows 7 theme can be downloaded from here. The Windows 8 theme can be downloaded from here.

COPYRIGHT: Tomasz Huczek. If you plan to use the pictures included in this theme for something other than your desktop backgrounds, you need written permission from their author.

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If you enjoyed Tomasz's photos and would like to see more, we suggest you visit his official website: Tomasz Huczek Photography blog. You can also follow him on Facebook - tomasz.cc, deviantART - ~hateom and 500px - Tomasz Huczek.

We would like to thank Tomasz for sharing his work with us and our readers and wish him all the best in all his future photographic endeavors!