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SSquared-Photography, the duo of Poland born Slavo Janowski and Italy born Stefano Canali, are a self-taught team of photographers currently based in Ireland. Their new home with its beautiful scenery and haunting shores not only brought them together as artists, but also provided fuel for their inspiration. They've developed a business from their passion for photography and are the proud honors of a small studio that offers prints, web design solutions as well as artistic and commercial photography. They love taking long exposure shots and want to bring unique and creative imagery to landscape photography. To find out how the duo came together and have a look at their beautiful work through a Windows theme, we recommend reading their interview below.

Introducing SSquared-Photography: Slavo and Stefano

Slavo and Stefano were kind enough to talk to us about their work and aspirations in a short interview:

How did you get into photography?

Our adventure with photography started with our first cameras, but our fascination with it began much earlier. A strong, continuous need for artistic expression, a love of photographic albums and magazines viewed passionately in bookstores, made ​​photography - perhaps unconsciously at first - slowly leak into our everyday lives, rituals and eventually even our professions. Another significant moment in the development of our photography was when we began to travel, most notably when we moved to Ireland. Ireland is a beautiful country full of amazing scenery and places. It's become a real inspiration for us and a lot of our photographs have been taken here. Then came the time to experiment and practice, and to define what photography we wanted to develop, what really excited and fascinated us and what we wanted to show in our photographs.

How did your partnership begin?

We met two years ago through common friends. Sharing the same passions and interests we started keeping in touch and in short time our friendship grew into a small business. Joining our forces, we created SSquared Studio, which offers web design and development, artistic and commercial photography as well as photographic prints sale.

What inspires you when you take photos? What are your favorite subjects?

We mainly take long exposure photographs. We love using lenses and filters to transform scenery into something surreal that distorts reality and gives it a dreamlike or dramatic look and atmosphere. We are fascinated by cities filled with lights at night as well as landscapes and waterscapes. Generally, nature and outdoor photography are our favorite subjects.

What type of camera do you use and what sort of post-processing software?

We use a Nikon D80 and a Nikon D90, several lenses and a bunch of accessories. We own a Nikkor 50mm, Nikkor 18-135mm, wide angle lenses Nikkor 10-24mm and Tele Zoom Nikkor 80-200mm. For our long exposure photography we use wide angle lenses and a set of ND and ND Grad Filters. For post-processing, we use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

Do you have any photographers and artists that you look up to?

We don't have any particular artists we look up to really. We just love beautiful photographs, it doesn't matter if the artist is well known or an amateur. We never really felt the need to have any idols. We wanted to avoid copying someone else's style unconsciously. Of course, there are a few photographers like Ansel Adams, Hakan Strand, Fortunato Gatto or Mitch Dobrowner, whose photographs we really appreciate and enjoy. Some of them are established and awarded artists, some, less known but definitely not less talented.

Which photograph that you've taken are you most proud of and why?

We were discussing which of our photographs we are the most proud of and we couldn't decide between two of them. One represents our Black &White portfolio and the other, our Cityscape photography.

What we love about Dubai Aquarium is the strong black and white contrast, which works perfectly with that scene, especially in square format. It's visually very catching and we like that a lot about it.

Waking up Venice on the other hand is full of colors brought to life by the rising sun. Using long exposure we managed to transform the beautiful scene into a peaceful, almost impressionistic image. Both photographs are among our best sellers.

What's your plan with photography from here on out?

If time will allow, we would love to plan new photo trips for this year. However, the biggest plan for this and next year is the release of our first professional coffee table book in large format with photographs of Ireland. The second idea would be to travel across the island and photograph all the lighthouses in Ireland. They would also be included in a photography book. We're very excited by this idea, but it's more of a long term project. Nevertheless, we're seriously considering it. It would be amazing to be able to create a photo collection of those fascinating structures.

Enjoy SSquared Photography's Work Through a Windows Theme - Download Links

Slavo and Stefano have chosen to include some of their beautiful waterscapes and cityscapes from all over the world in their theme for Windows 7 and Windows 8.

The Windows 7 theme can be downloaded from here. The Windows 8 theme can be downloaded from here.

COPYRIGHT: SSquared Photography. If you plan to use the pictures included in these themes for something other than your desktop backgrounds, you need written permission from their authors.

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We would like to thank Slavo and Stefano for sharing their work with us and our readers and wish them all the best in their future projects.