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Stefan Vladescu or, as people know him, Soare SteFun, is a Romanian photographer who loves to shoot portraits. Even though he is not even 30, he already has a wide portfolio that includes also fashion photography, landscapes and still life. He has shared some interesting details about himself and his work, as well as a few great shots, which we bundled in a theme for Windows 7 and Windows 8. To learn more about him and get a glimpse of his work, read this interview.

Introducing Stefan Vladescu - Soare SteFun

We had quite a nice dialogue with Stefan. Don't hesitate to read it before going to the download section of this article:

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Vladescu Stefan Lucian but, in the photographers' world, people know me as Soare SteFun. "Soare" is my mother's maiden name, also my grandfather's whom I deeply care for. I simply like the way it sounds but also what it represents – a permanent source of light and warmth. Soare means sun in Romanian.

How old are you?
My ID card says I am 28, but I am the one who picks how old or how young I feel. Sometimes I am a 12-year-old, other times I am a grumpy old man.

What university did you attend?
I graduated Tourism & Economics and I did not work one single day in this field. And I definitely don't identify myself with what I studied. At that time it seemed like a good choice. Now, I'd rather attend three or four other colleges instead.

What keeps you running 24/7?
There are many things that keep me on the move. But the most important is my thirst for life, for beauty, for everything that is new and fresh. I cannot possibly engage in any activity I dislike. I doubt I could live without music, photography and the people I love and respect.

When did you start being friends with photography?
I always loved photography but we clicked when I realized how differently one can perceive a person through photography and how much you can capture in a single instant. I always had an appetite for arts: I used to write lyrics, make music, etc. Five years ago photography has managed to become the most captivating of all.

In your view, what's the most important thing to pay attention to when taking a photograph?
I could talk about this for hours without even getting close to the core things. I believe that aside from the technical and aesthetic aspect, a photographer needs to convert what he feels about the subject being captured. This helps capture the attention of the viewer, in transmitting a specific mood, emotion or feeling.

What camera do you use and what post processing software?
I use different cameras and lenses and they are not from the same manufacturer. Mainly I use a Canon 600D, Canon 50 mm F 1.8 or F1.4, Sigma 50mm F1.4 and Canon 70-200mm F4. For post processing, I use Adobe Photoshop CS5. I also play with simpler programs like Photoscape or Picasa.

What do you recommend for beginners?
I am not in position to recommend things to beginners, but what they should know is: take a lot of pictures! Experiment. Try to capture things you care about. Then, learn to edit as soon as possible. In the digital era, editing is an important part of the creation process.

What is your favorite type of photography - portrait, landscape, still life, what makes you zoom focus and capture?
Definitely portraits. The artistic portrait is by far my favorite type of photography. Artistic nudes are my second favorite. Then, comes fashion photography, landscapes, glamour and street photography.

What other artists do you follow?
I cannot say I follow somebody in particular. At least not as a fan trying to imitate his/her work. Though there are many photographers I appreciate. If I were to name anybody – George Pruteanu – he is a great Romanian photographer. And from the international scene – Jan Scholz, known also as Micmojo.

What's your plan with photography from here on?
I intend to invest more money in cameras because it is the only thing that can be considered a limitation in this profession. I'd like to take up a few professional classes on digital photography, with some sort of guru in this field and go to some design workshops.

Enjoy SteFun's Work Through a Windows Theme - Download Links

SteFun shared some of his best shots with us and we set them up in two Windows themes, one for Windows 7 and one for Windows 8. The theme is the same in both operating systems.

The Windows 7 theme can be downloaded from here. The Windows 8 theme can be downloaded from here.

COPYRIGHT: Soare SteFun. If you plan to use the pictures included in this theme for something other than your desktop backgrounds, you need written permission from their author.

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