Uncovering Artists Through Windows Themes – Jozsef Vass

József Vass is a 25-year-old graphic artist and illustrator, living in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He is of Hungarian origins and his name – József - is the Hungarian for Joseph. He graduated with a Bachelor of Design and Fine Arts and he is now working as a graphics designer for iOS games. We stumbled upon his freshly created Facebook page and very much enjoyed his work. Therefore we invited him to join our series of interview and Windows themes. If you would like to learn his story and download a great theme for Windows, you should check this article.

Introducing József Vass

We had a very pleasant discussion with József, in which he revealed quite a bit about himself:

When did you start making illustrations?

I loved to draw since I was a little child, but I started creating digital illustrations when I was a student. I was happy to experiment, test different styles and ways of creating illustrations, in the hope of creating my own personal style. I am still working on it, in creating that personal touch that sets my works apart from everyone else's.

Which was your first illustration? How was the experience of creating it?

My first digital illustration was designed to be used in a book for children. I have made it for a project in university. Back then, I was an exchange student in Budapest at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. For one of my classes, I was requested to make an illustration inspired from a fairytale. I showed the first draft to my professor and colleagues and, to my surprise, everyone loved it.
This illustration ended up being very important to me as it made me realize I want to do this kind of work for all my life, or at least for the years to come.

What kind of art you making and what tools are you using?

I make vector art and graphics, using shapes and colors, creating different characters and illustrations. Most of the time I'm sitting in front of my computer and my best friend is a graphic tablet.

How do you get your ideas for the illustrations you make?

There is no process behind my inspiration. Ideas come and go in a rather random way. For example, I can get an interesting idea while enjoying my morning's coffee or when having a discussion with my friends, making some random connection with something they say. I draw my inspiration also from music. It find that it helps me alot in the creation process.

Which illustration do you consider your best work so far and why?

I have many works which I'm pleased with. However, I am most proud of a piece named "The Beginning Of All". It is made in a style that represents me the most. Everyone can see in that piece my passion for details and the attention given to bright and warm colors. I consider my style to be very "decorative" and I consider this piece my best in this regard.

Who are your favorite illustrators and why?

The first illustrator who stunned me with his passion for details and harmony of colors was Somogyi Réka. Then, I found Catalina Estrada. I recommend that you check their profiles. You will find some interesting works in their portfolio.
Luca Molnar is another illustrator that inspires me, with her youth and creativity. I am also lucky enough to be working with her on a project. So far, it has been a very fun experience.

If any of our readers would like to learn how to make illustrations, what would you recommend for them?

If you are passionate about art and drawing then you can easily go into making digital illustrations. Traditional pen and paper illustrations are truly the most beautiful and charming. I like them better than digital illustrations. However, digital allows you to be cleaner and more precise in your work. Once you can draw, it is only a matter of time spent learning a piece of software or two, until you can create digital illustrations.

Are you using a PC or a Mac? Why?

I'm using a PC. I always did. For me Windows is a simpler operating system and more secure than its alternatives. I am using Windows 7 and it perfectly suits all my needs as an artist. I have no need for switching to other platforms.

Enjoy József's Work Through a Windows Theme - Download Links

József shared a few illustrations and we set them up in two Windows themes, one for Windows 7 and one for Windows 8. The theme is the same in both operating systems.

The Windows 7 theme can be downloaded from here. The Windows 8 theme can be downloaded from here.

COPYRIGHT: József Vass. If you plan to use the illustrations included in this theme for something other than your desktop backgrounds, you need written permission from their author.

Follow József Vass

You can follow József Vass on Facebook at József Vass Illustrations. We would like to thank him for this interview and for sharing some great illustrations. If you enjoyed this Windows theme, don't hesitate to follow József and be up-to-date with all his work.