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Ignacio Romero Naves, Nacho to his friends, loves black and white photography and the atmospheric changes it can bring to images. Initially a landscape photographer, he has gradually moved towards sophisticated architectural designs and relishes in playful patterns created by city planners and building designers. Originally from Salamanca, Spain, he moved to Helsinki, Finland where he became a teacher. Adventurous by nature, he has traveled to Lapland and trekked through the Himalayas, taking, of course, all his photo equipment with him. To find out more about Ignacio and to see his elegant architectural photography, we recommend reading this interview.

Introducing Ignacio Romero Naves

Ignacio spoke to us about his fascination with black and white photography and the inspiration his father provided for him as a child, in this short interview:

How did you get into photography?

My father shared his passion for photography with me. He used to be in charge of the dark room, at the University of Salamanca, and I spent a lot of time with him there, when I was a child. I was always excited to be in that room, under the light of a red bulb, helping him develop photographs. The whole process was magical. During my teenage years, I put aside my interest in photography and focused on triathlon. I competed at national level in Spain for 7 years until a knee injury forced me to quit competing. Little by little my interest in photography returned. I bought my first DSLR camera in 2007 and started developing my skills by reading books, magazines, tutorials and practicing a lot, while looking for my own photographic style.

What inspires you when you take photos? What are your favorite subjects?

My love for nature was my first step into photography. For a few years I focused on landscapes and waterscapes. In time, I developed a strong interest for interior and exterior architectural photography, as well as portrait photography.

What type of camera do you use and what sort of post-processing software?

My first DSLR camera was a Nikon D80. Last summer I upgraded my photography kit to the new full frame Nikon D4. I use Nikkor lenses including a wide-lens, a telephoto lens and a 50mm lens. I use Adobe Photoshop for minor post-processing such as black and white conversion, levels & curves, contrast, saturation and sharpening.

My passion is photography and I don't do any photo-manipulation. Therefore, all the effects I get in my photographs are achieved by the use of filters attached to the lenses. Such filters include: Circular Polarize, Neutral Density, Infrared and Half Graduated Neutral Density filters.

What do you think was the biggest influence in your photography?

I believe that without my father I would have never gotten into photography. Later, I found Ansel Adams, whose black and white photography made a strong impression on me. Personally I love the drama, melancholy and the surreal touch that black & white photography brings out.

Which photograph that you've taken are you most proud of and why?

Every single photograph I've published on my website has its own story and for one reason or another I feel proud of them. Sometimes it's the hard work and the strong will it takes to reach an isolated place with all my camera equipment. Like the ones I took on the Himalayas after many days of trekking or the ones from Lapland which required several hours under temperatures of -30°C. Sometimes it's the patience you need to be able to reproduce the picture you have in your head. In order to take that photo you need to visit the same location several times, at different hours of the day and just wait and wait until the light and weather conditions are the ones you need for that shot.

Every photograph has a story behind it and each person has his/her own individual way of experiencing images. That makes each photo unique and everlasting. Moments disappear, but as images, they stay forever.

What's the thing/place you would most like to photograph, but you haven't had the chance to yet?

I have many projects in my head: Iceland, New Zealand, the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain… But my next scheduled photography adventure will be in June 2014 when a friend and I will rent a jeep for a month and drive through South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia. We still have a year ahead to finance our trip and plan everything very well.

What are your plans with photography from here on out?

My dream is to make a living out of photography and base my lifestyle on it. In the meantime, my only plan is to continue enjoying my passion for photography while learning. Only by having fun and liking what you do, can you reach your goals and dreams.

Enjoy Ignacio's Work Through a Windows Theme - Download Links

Ignacio has chosen to include some of his most beautiful black and white photographs of European architecture in his theme for Windows 7 and Windows 8.

The Windows 7 theme can be downloaded from here. The Windows 8 theme can be downloaded from here.

COPYRIGHT: Ignacio Romero Naves. If you plan to use the pictures included in this theme for something other than your desktop backgrounds, you need written permission from their author.

Follow Ignacio Romero Naves & His Work

If you enjoyed Ignacio's photographs and would like to see the rest of his amazing portfolio, you can visit his official website at Nacho Romero or follow him on deviantART.

We would like to thank Ignacio for sharing his work with us and our readers and wish him all the best in all his future projects.