Uncovering Artists Through Windows Themes - Georgiana Gîrboan

We invited another Romanian photographer - Georgiana Gîrboan - to join our series of original Windows themes and share her work with our readers. Approaching a wide range of subjects, Georgiana proves her talent and versatility in every picture: no matter if it is a portrait, landscape, animal photography or even a self portrait. We invite you to find out more about her in a short interview, and discover her work through a gorgeous theme for Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Introducing Georgiana Gîrboan

Raised in a small city in Romania, Georgiana Gîrboan is a 25-year-old budding psychotherapist, with a master's degree in psychology in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Her passion for art is expressed through photography but it's not limited to that: books, paintings, music and movies are among the subjects that can be long discussed with Georgiana.

She sounds like a very interesting character, doesn't she? That's why we wanted to learn more about Georgiana, so we asked her a few questions:

How did the passion for photography start?

I was a child when I first laid hands on a camera - I was impressed how a device so small can capture the world so beautifully – it was like magic :)

In high-school I bought a compact camera from Sony, just to get started. After a while I managed to get my hands on a D60 Nikon and test it. It was love at the first click! ;))
All of a sudden, my Sony camera was not enough anymore so I bought myself a D40X Nikon.

You are currently studying psychology. Is there any connection between psychology and photography?

People who know me, know my love for both photography and psychology. I think that the link between the two domains is the human being. The more we know about other disciplines that are connected with emotion and feelings, the better we are able to express ourselves. I manage to do that through the images I capture. For me, photography should convey not just an image, but an emotion.

What inspires you to make a photo?

Sometimes I simply get in the middle of a scene, on the street, in a play, that's just magical and I want to capture that. Other times, a certain image, with a specific feeling or message gets stuck in my mind. It keeps bothering me until I replicate it in a picture.
Even though inspiration is everywhere around us, I think that, what makes great pictures are ideas which grow first inside us and then are brought into life with photography.

Your photographical themes have a very wide range - do you have a theme you like most?

I always liked people, therefore I love making portraits. But that doesn't mean I stick to making mostly portraits. I capture just about anything that looks or feels interesting to me.

How much do you use computer editing?

Not much - I use Adobe Photoshop just enough to make an image slightly better. I tweak the color, contrast or luminosity. Also, I like to process my images in black and white. :)

What gear and applications do you use?

Ideas and imagination are the key elements, but the equipment also plays an important role. Therefore I can't shoot without my beloved Nikon D40X and a few accessories common to any photographer: lens, filters and a tripod. In terms of lens I use a 55-200mm or a 50mm fixed focal length. For processing images I use Adobe Photoshop.

Are you a Mac or a PC?

Definitely a PC user. :D

What Windows do you use? What do you like about it?

I use Windows 7 and I enjoy using it: great performance and speed, especially when running Adobe Photoshop. It definitely runs better on Windows 7 than on Windows XP or Windows Vista. Also, I think it is a stable operating system and I have not had problems with it. That's a big plus for me. :)

Enjoy Georgiana Gîrboan's Work Through a Windows Theme - Download Links

As you can see from the thumbnails below, the theme offered to our readers by Georgiana is simply awesome. We highly recommend you to download it and use it on your Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer.

The Windows 7 theme can be downloaded from here. The Windows 8 theme can be downloaded from here.

COPYRIGHT: Georgiana Gîrboan. If you plan to use the pictures included in this theme for something other than your desktop backgrounds, you need written permission from their author.

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Before we go, we would like to thank Georgiana for the awesome collaboration. Not only did she share some of her best work with us but she was also patient and flexible in getting this interview finalized and published.