Top 8 must have add-ons for Internet Explorer

If you are one of those users who use Internet Explorer as their default browser, this guide is perfect for you. If you don't think that the basic features of this browser are enough, you can always install add-ons to enhance its operation. Unfortunately, the list of add-ons for Internet Explorer is not very impressive and it's getting shorter with time. However, there are still some useful add-ons you can use to improve your web browsing experience, so we decided to put together a list with them. Here are the best add-ons for Internet Explorer:

1. LastPass

If you didn't know about LastPass already, you should definitely learn more about this cross-platform service. It can be used to store and synchronize your passwords securely across all web browsers and platforms, plus it can generate random secure passwords. Get the add-on, create a master password and let LastPass do the rest. Explore the LastPass vault and start filling it with your favorite websites. LastPass also allows you to securely share password and notes to family and friends. The feature we appreciate most is the Security Challenge which has the ability to assess your stored passwords and tell you how good you are in terms of secure passwords. It really opened our eyes and made us more cautious about using diverse and secure passwords, instead of the same 2-3 passwords on all websites. Forgetting your passwords is now a thing of the past. You can find a tutorial on how to use this extension to tighten the security of your passwords, here: Password Security - Turn Your Dumb Habits Into Geek Habits.

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Download: LastPass

2. Adblock Plus

We think Adblock Plus is one of the most important add-ons you will ever need. If you are annoyed by those annoying 30 seconds YouTube ads, Facebook ads, flashy banners, overlay ads and so on, this add-on is a must. Adblock Plus also gives you the option to set exceptions and get control over when and how ads are blocked. If you install this extension, we kindly ask you to whitelist our website. As you can see for yourself, we try not to overload our website with ads and make a living from our work without annoying readers.

If you want to learn more about Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer read this article: Did You Know That There is Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer?.

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Download: Adblock Plus

3. Evernote

We like this service a lot. Evernote allows you to save notes, tasks, ideas while browsing. With just the push of a button, you can clip content from the web and save it to your notebook. At the same time you can edit the content you are going to save, by highlighting pieces of text, adding text, stamps and so on. This can be very useful for study, business, planning and so on. Your notes will be synced across platforms and you have the ability to share them with your friends. To learn more about Evernote and all its features, check the official Evernote website.

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Download: Evernote

4. Speckie

Speckie is one of the best spell check add-ons for Internet Explorer. It highlights spelling errors and provides a set of suggestions to correct it. Speckie also allows you to install multiple dictionaries and change the way spelling errors are displayed. Make sure your posts are written correctly and don't embarrass yourself among your online friends. 🙂

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Download: Speckie

5. Blur

Blur secures all the personal information you put online - making it safe, fast, and easy to login and checkout from your browser.

This add-on secures your passwords generating a unique strong password for every account. All of your passwords, masked information, and auto-fill data are automatically synced and backed up on all of your devices. Also, Blur automatically blocks tracking scripts, targeting images, and other tracking technologies.

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Download: Blur

6. Xmarks

Xmarks is another useful cross-platform extension which allows you to synchronize your Favorites (or Bookmarks - depends on how they are called in the browser you use) across multiple browsers and platforms (including your smartphone). The service is now owned by the same company that offers LastPass.

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Download: Xmarks

7. Wikipedia Visual Search

This add-on helps you get visual search suggestions and instant answers from Wikipedia. Select its icon at the bottom of the search field and start typing the topic you are trying to find more about.

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Download: Internet Explorer Gallery (scroll down the gallery to find this add-on)

8. YouTube

If you are searching for a video or a song, and you don't want to manually go to YouTube, type the name of the video and scroll through the results, there's an easier way: click the YouTube icon in the search bar, type the name of the video and you'll instantly receive a complete list of videos that match your keywords.

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Download: Internet Explorer Gallery (scroll down the gallery to find this add-on)


With so many browsers on the market and the new Microsoft Edge browser from Microsoft, the list of add-ons that are available for Internet Explorer is quite limited and has only gotten smaller with time. However, some of the ones that you can still find, can be very useful in your web browsing experience. While some of them boost your productivity, others protect you from tracking technologies and keep your personal information safe. If you know other add-ons that deserve to be on our list, don't hesitate to share them with us in the comments below.

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