Top 7 Windows Media Player 12 Skins in 2012

In the past we covered Windows Media Player 12 extensively and we've shown almost anything you can do with it, including changing its looks by using skins. We would like to resume the discussion about this application and share with you some good looking skins you might want to try.

NOTE: The skins featured in this article can be found on Microsoft's Skins for Windows Media Player gallery or on DeviantART's Windows Media Player gallery.

World of Warcraft

Created by: The Skins Factory

I know many of you have likely moved on to Star Wars: The Old Republic or whatever other MMORPG that is attempting to take on Blizzard's masterpiece. However, for those die-hard World of Warcraft players who are still answering the call of the Alliance or Horde, I recommend this skin. Its interface is well-designed easy to use, and its appeal to hardcore WoW players is undeniable.

Download the World of Warcraft skin for Windows Media Player


Created by: fillmeup13 @ DevinatART

Fans of the Alienware computer brand, must install this Windows Media Player skin. It looks awesome and it will surely impress your friends, if you Alienware computer is not impressive enough already.

Download the Alienware Darkstar Windows Media Player Skin

Rammstein 1995 - 2011

Created by: MeisterMzk @ DeviantART

If you listen to rock music, then you surely know about the German band Rammstein. A fan of the band created this great looking skin dedicated to the band's 16 years of activity. Even if you are not a fan, I'm sure you will enjoy its industrial look.

Download the Rammstein 1995 - 2011 Windows Media Player Skin


Created by: Saltmine LLC

I'm on a boat. Seriously, I wrote this article while I was on a boat. Those of you who aren't lucky enough to be on a boat right now, however, can live vicariously by using this Nautical skin for your Windows Media Player. The interface is relatively straightforward, and includes an option that allows you to select which boat is shown on your player. Using this, you can select a boat that best goes with your nautical themed Pashmina Afghan.

Download the Nautical skin for Windows Media Player


Created by: Microsoft

Personally, I've always enjoyed the view screens on media players that show various designs in rhythm to the music you are playing. The Polygon skin provides a simple interface with a large portion devoted to these visual effects. I highly recommend it if you are interested in a skin displaying these graphics on your Windows Media Player.

Download the Polygon skin for Windows Media Player


Created by: The Skins Factory

While not quite as intuitive to navigate, the fantastical design of this skin is very cool. The rippling portal effect can take the place of a visual graphic on this skin, and can be a lot of fun to watch.

Download the Portal skin for Windows Media Player


Created by: ByteAudio

This is a very rigidly stylish skin with a lot of extra functionality that many other skins don't have, such as the ability to adjust things such as the bass and treble volume.

Download the Ursula skin for Windows Media Player


Our aim was to complete an old list of Windows Media Player skins we created quite some time ago: Top 7 Windows Media Player 12 Skins in 2010.

We know there are tons of great skins out there and our lists are by no means comprehensive. Therefore, please share with us: What are some of your favorite skins? Which one are you using right now?