Top 7 Windows Media Player 12 Skins in 2010

In our earlier post, we showed you how to download, install and apply Windows Media Player 12 skins. So, why not give your new found knowledge a whirl by checking out some of the top 7 Windows Media Player 12 skins that are worth a download? These aren't being by any means the only good Windows Media Player 12 skins, but there are the ones that we enjoy and have installed on our machines. Our tastes may vary from yours, but we chose these skins based on functionality, flashiness and in many cases, pure quirkiness (in a good way). Check 'em out.

NOTE: We've included direct download links for each skin. This is for your convenience; we're not trying to blatantly leach here. You can find all of these skins (except for the iTunes one) and others at Microsoft's Skins for Windows Media Player site.

We have also a newer list of good looking skins. It can be found here: Top 7 Windows Media Player 12 Skins in 2012.

Batman Begins

Artist: The Skins Factory

The Batman Begins official movie skin is sharp and Gothic, just like any skin deserving of The Dark Knight's endorsement and logo should be. You'll be treated to a nice animation as the skin morphs from a gadget evocative of Batman's arsenal into a fully functional Windows Media Player 12 skin. Unlike some of the other skins out there, this one is fairly intuitive as well. The Return to Player Library button is easy to find, second from the left in the middle.

Download the Batman Begins skin for Windows Media Player 12


Artist: EMI Parlophone

This official Gorillaz skin was produced by the record label and is true to the imagery that is inseparable from the band's identity. Thought it may be a bit eerie to have a sleeping (or perhaps merely grooving) simian sitting on your desktop (I keep waiting for its eyes to pop open when I least expect it), the skin is pretty slick all around. Other than the buttons along the bottom, the controls integrate quite cleverly into the cartoon character. The little arrows on the right or left expose the playlist or the equalizer. Maximize, minimize and Return to Player Library are hidden on the collar.

Download the Gorillaz skin for Windows Media Player 12


Artist: Saltmine LLC

This one's not going to win any beauty contests, but that's not its style. Stealth is meant to have a tiny footprint without sacrificing on real estate for controls. The Play/Pause button is given the most generous tract while the rest of the elements squeeze in neatly into the defragged looking control deck. Pictured here, it's tucked in the corner next to my Start Button to demonstrate its size (or lack thereof).

Download the Stealth skin for Windows Media Player 12

Zen Garden

Artist: Ed Averett

Ah, this one's easy on the eyes, mind and soul. The Zen Garden skin is simple and understated. The little nubbins on the top and bottom part as serenely as soft willow branches to reveal the visualizer, equalizer and playlist. With another click, they glide surreptitiously out of sight like teak wood drawers. This isn't a flashy skin, but it's nice for an everyday sabbatical from overstimulation.

Download the Zen Garden skin for Windows Media Player 12

Back to the Future Trilogy

Artist: The Skins Factory

Dorky? Yes. Windows Media Player 12 compatible? Yes. A must have for any Marty McFly fanboys? Definitely. The official Back to the Future Trilogy Windows Media Player skin was rolled out to promote the release of the DVDs for Back to the Future, Back to the Future Part II and Back to the Future Part III. We know that disclosure dates this skin a bit, but the classics never go out of style.

Download the Back to the Future Trilogy skin for Windows Media Player 12


Artist: Microsoft

Anemone is a must simply for the fact that it makes it look like there's a gaping open wound on your desktop. The visualized makes the skin look like a rift in the fabric of time and space. And, of course, the controls are all there and easy to find.

Download the Anemone skin for Windows Media Player 12


Artist: unknown (translated by cypher1942)

It's like a boss button for your Windows Media Player 12 skin - that is if your boss is Steve Jobs. This iTunes skin for Windows Media Player is for the woefully undecided. However, this skin is old, old, old so it actually has the look and feel of iTunes 9 (though it's pitch perfect). So, while your friends won't question your loyalty to the almighty Apple, they might scratch their heads wondering why you're using a seven year old media player. Also, this one lacks the Back to Player Library button, so you'll have to use the hotkey, CTRL-1, to get out of this skin.

Download the iTunes skin for Windows Media Player


Like we said, these aren't by any means the only worthwhile Windows Media Player 12 skins. You may have also noticed that many of these skins were actually designed for earlier versions of Windows Media Player. You'll occasionally run into compatibility issues with older skins, but the ones included in this rundown all work perfectly with Windows Media Player 12. So, try some out and share your thoughts. Also, let us know which skins power your Windows Media Player.