Test our New Captcha System and Let Us Know What You Think

In recent weeks we encountered major issues with our anti-spam system. It malfunctioned very often and, even though it was blocking lots and lots of spam, it was also blocking most of the legitimate comments people were submitting. Thanks to a couple of readers who shared their issues with us, we decided to remove the old anti-spam module and replace it with a new & imaginative captcha system created by Solve Media. We think it is great but we need you to test it and share what you think.

Introducing The Fun Captcha System from Solve Media

When we decided to change the anti-spam module we were using on our website, we wanted to find something that's easy to use for readers. We HATE captchas that are hard to read, especially by humans. Somehow bots have an easier time dealing with them. When we encounter such captchas, it takes us longer to complete them than to write a comment. We don't want such an awful experience on our website so we did quite a bit of research to find a good alternative.

We believe we found something that rocks - the captcha system created by Solve Media.

First of all, their captchas are fun to use. Or at least this is what we think after a couple of hours of testing. They are very human and dynamic.Sometimes they ask you to enter a piece of text that's easy and fun to read. Something like "kiss me". 🙂

Fun Captchas from Solve Media

In other situations, they will ask you to solve a small riddle, like "what does a great white shark eat?".

Fun Captchas from Solve Media

In other scenarios, when some company wants to communicate with readers visiting our website, it will ask something related to a brand.

Fun Captchas from Solve Media

Imagine the fun we had when we have seen this captcha challenge, related to Apple. 🙂

Fun Captchas from Solve Media

Each time you see a captcha challenge related to a brand, you solve it and post a comment, we receive a small payment from Solve Media. The best part about it is that, once you solve such a captcha, you won't see anything related to brands for quite a while. They will switch to the other fun types of captchas they have. This is to make sure no one abuses the system and readers don't get bored with ads all the time.

Have a Look, Test and Let Us Know How Well It Works

Because we had many troubles with our previous anti-spam system, we would like to ask for your help. We don't want to use yet another system that blocks legit comments and makes it hard for readers to place comments on our website.

Look on a few articles and see if these new captchas load correctly in your browser, if they are easy to use, etc. Then, place a comment here to let us know if they work well for you.

Also, any kind of feedback related to these captchas is welcomed. Thank you!

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