Test Comparison - The Best Security Application for Facebook

We all have Facebook friends who post way too much public information or friends who have had their accounts hacked and used to distribute spam or malware. If you don't want to be like them, the best solution is to install a security application for your Facebook account. We have tested the five most popular Facebook security apps and we have lots of interesting data to share. Which is the best security application for your Facebook account? Read this comparison to find out.

The Tests That Were Performed

I installed each security application, one by one and used all its features. I noted anything unusual as well as the things that were specific to each application. Then, I compared the following elements that, in my view, are important to providing good security for your Facebook account:

  • Number of active users - the more users an application has, the more data points are available for detecting malicious posts in a timely fashion.
  • Automatic scans - having a security product run in the background at set intervals provides more security to its users.
  • Manual scans - users should be able to perform manual scans whenever they want.
  • Posting warnings - each security application should warn its users when suspicious activity is detected.
  • Privacy evaluation - a security app that evaluates your activity from a privacy perspective can train you to improve your Facebook settings so that you are more aware of how public or private are your posts and profile information might be.
  • Scan PC for malware - the possibility to start a scan of your PC for malware, in case you want a second opinion or there is something wrong with your computer.
  • Scan results via email - announcing users in a timely fashion, via email, when threats are detected helps create a more secure Facebook experience.
  • Statistics - they are useful in learning how private and secure your Facebook activity is.
  • Weekly summary - the possibility to publish weekly summaries is useful to some users.

In the table below you will find a summary of the features available in each product that was tested.

Next, let's cover each product, individually.

Bitdefender Safego for Facebook

Bitdefender was the first company to release a security application for Facebook. As a result, Safego is one of the most advanced applications of its kind. It works well and it is a discreet presence on your Facebook account. The only missing feature is the fact that it doesn't send you any email reports or warnings. It communicates with you only through your Facebook account and only when problems are found.

The complete review can be found here: Security for Everyone - Reviewing Bitdefender Safego for Facebook.

ESET Social Media Scanner

ESET Social Media Scanner is a great security product, just like Bitdefender Safego. Unlike other security applications, it does communicate with the user via email, to share warnings when appropriate or to send weekly statistics.

The only downside is that it doesn't evaluate your profile from a privacy perspective and it doesn't make any recommendations that would improve the privacy of your Facebook activity. The complete review can be read here: Security for Everyone - Reviewing ESET Social Media Scanner.

Norton Safe Web for Facebook

Norton Safe Web for Facebook is the most used security application for Facebook, with 500.000 active users on a monthly basis. But, this doesn't make it a great security product.

It is a basic product that doesn't share any proactive notifications when threats are detected. Also, it only scans your Facebook feed. It doesn't scan your wall and it doesn't evaluate the privacy of your data. Therefore, it doesn't make privacy recommendations that would keep your data from being publicly accessible. The full review can be read here: Security for Everyone - Reviewing Norton Safe Web for Facebook.

Secure.me for Facebook, by Avast!

Secure.me is developed by the famous Avast! company.

Theoretically, it has plenty of features but not all of them work. The product is buggy and its development has not been finished. Also, it asks for access to all your Facebook data without providing any additional security, at least not when compared to similar products.I wasn't pleased by my experience with secure.me and I don't recommend it to our readers. The full review can be read here: Security for Everyone - Reviewing Secure.me for Facebook, by Avast!.

ZoneAlarm Privacy Scan

As its name implies, ZoneAlarm Privacy Scan acts only as a privacy adviser, not a full security product.

It doesn't scan for malware and suspicious posts. It only evaluates how private your Facebook activity is. Its reports provide useful recommendations on how to make your data more private. Even though it doesn't have a large number of features, its recommendations are spot on. Personally, I think it is the best tool for evaluating the privacy of your Facebook activity. The full review can be found here: See How Private Your Facebook Posts are With ZoneAlarm Privacy Scan.

The Best Security Applications for Facebook areā€¦

In my testing, two products stood out as great security applications, that were both useful and easy to use: Bitdefender Safego and ESET Social Media Scanner. They are both well-rounded products, that work very well.You should use one of them for your Facebook account. However, I do have one last recommendation: ZoneAlarm Privacy Scan is a great privacy adviser that complements both products. I do recommend that you install it in tandem with Bitdefender Safego or ESET Social Media Scanner and that you follow its privacy recommendations.