Tech Lolz: Windows 10, They Don't Deserve You

Would you look at that, it's Friday again. Which means we are 12 days away from the Windows 10 launch and, personally, I am 5 hours away from getting wasted with my friends over our weekly anonymous alcoholics. Which is a gathering just like AA, the difference being the only thing shaming us for how much we drink is our wallet. Since we are at the shaming part, we all have that one friend who is way smarter with computers than we are. And while you'd expect him to be helpful and tell you how to do stuff, because you are also trying to help him in fields where he ain't that great, like being his wingman or shopping with him for stuff, he always, but always gives you that look of: did you just ask that? Like you seriously do not know that? How are we friends? Which is exactly what we will do today with humans. And, well, what we generally do in Tech Lolz. But don't do this in real life. You are bad people if you do that.

It's Not The Lyrics, It's The Music

I don't really remember who did the video, but there was a clip on YouTube with two guys, one playing the piano and one playing the cello reinterpreting a Cannibal Corpse song in a new style. Claiming that it's not the lyrics which make Cannibal Corpse so horrid, scary and weird, it's the way they sing the songs (death metal-ishy and black metal-ishy bad). So they made a Cannibal Corpse Lounge Music edition where you could hear stuff about severed arms, broken bones and rotting bodies in a lovely elevator music-like sound. Please check it on YouTube, totally worth it.

I will go on and present you a guy today who is asking a rather normal question, that maybe many people asked themselves about the future Windows 10 release. And while scrolling through the same question shaped in various phrases, I couldn't help but think "It's not the question, it's the stupid behind it".


This photographer wants to know the following:

Would I lose my pictures upgrading my PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10?

I have been a photographer since 2008 and I have a lot of pictures still saved on my computer. I'm not that great a photographer that I have had customers or that I have sold prints, at least enough to get a few hard drives, so most of my best pictures are still on the computer. I have Windows 7. I saw a thing where I can upgrade to Windows 10 for free and I was told to go ahead and register. I have until July 29 to try and find out if I need to get a hard drive. That's where this place came in. Would I lose the pictures? I even have personal pictures of family and friends from over the past 5 years.

First, if you've been a photographer since 2008 and so far you did not manage to sell enough of your work to at least buy an external hard drive… Buddy, there's a lotta companies hiring people for all kinds of things. None of which being photography, since you obviously suck at. Like, you really do. Even you say it yourself. Stop being resilient to change, just go be Iron Man at kids parties and stuff.

Second, even if there wasn't any Windows 10 update on the 29th, what the hell, dude, you don't have any back up? Windows 10 update or not, you need to make sure that no matter what happens to your computer you can still get your data back. What if one day you drop your laptop on concrete or spill soup on it or catch a virus that deletes everything? What will your Gods do then?


And to answer this for ALL the other people that asked the same thing. No, Windows 10 will not delete your data because it is a Windows update which means it deletes specific system files and writes down new ones. However, just to make sure you don't press stupid buttons, get a damn hard drive and backup your stuff for crying out loud!

Or, just use your user folders like Documents and Pictures and the upgrade will work smoothly, without messing up with your user data.