Tech Lolz: Windows 10 Is Free For Every IQ

Since I was a little girl, whenever I had a tech problem I'd turn to one of my way smarter friends who simply ruled the world of computers and asked how to get stuff done. My parents were not an option since they were as tech savvy as a cat is to playing the banjo. But when computers showed up we all had that friend who was or was not a programmer but who simply spent all his waking hours stuck to his PC. And if you gave him candy, concert tickets or your homework for French class you were saved. This meant you did not go through the shame of going to strangers at the PC service or call customer support and admit you are as stupid as a cushion. But every time I go on Yahoo! Answers, I can't help but wonder if people still have egos or if people stopped having friends. Because, boy do they ask everything online.

Free Windows? What Is This Virus You Speak Of?

Another thing that I have mixed feelings about is how people ended up believing that everything that pops and says "free" on it is a virus. It is really ok to be cautious, even we worship the power of the antivirus as we said here, but not all that's free is malware. Not everybody wants to harm us.

Tony wrote this down (in excellent English, which is rare for Yahoo! Answers):

"I keep getting a notification and a windows icon is in the taskbar, it tells me I can upgrade to Windows 10 for free. How do I remove this malware?

Windows is not malware and yes, it gives you free stuff. Cause some corporations do give you free stuff. On the 29th of July you will be able to get your free copy of Windows 10 and use it. The free upgrade offer is available for the first year.

However, try not to go online and buy copies of Windows10 or download them as they do not exist yet, ergo, that's a scam.


Here goes another frustration. After people believe that the notification is a virus and go babbling all over the Internet about it, when they do realize it is for real and they will get free Windows, they are still not satisfied. There was a fable back in the days about a very lazy man who was convicted for some felony. And the other villagers decided to hang him. As they were carrying him, caged, towards the scaffold, a carriage stops in line with the cage and a lady comes out. Trying to save him, she tells the man: I will save you and take you home. You can live in my shed, it is full of bags with biscuits, you can eat those and you will be away from these people who want to kill you. And the man asks the lady: Are the biscuits moist? She says they aren't. And the lazy man shouts to the villagers: Ah, then take me to the scaffold.

Why did I tell you this? Because I ran into (or better said I scrolled into) this guy who asks:

"Does anyone know if Windows 10 will have free microsoft office?"

Wouldn't it be lovely if we didn't have to ever pay for anything? And go back to trading eucalyptus for squirrel fur?

And then, THEN, there is this guy who is angry because he doesn't have the offer like everyone else because he actually has a GENUINE copy. Wow. Keep writing in caps how you actually got your OS the way you should have. It's like underlining the fact that in order to get to a place you actually moved.

"Why don t i have the option to upgrade to windows 10? I have all the requirements, i have Windows 7(a GENUINE copy) yet i dont see it at the bottom right."


There is no spoon. Actually there is and it will be free. Yes, on July 29, Windows 10 will be available, free for one whole year, for those who made reservations in advance and who are currently on Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. Make sure you have good antivirus software to protect you against the real malware tough.