Tech Lolz: Why does Windows' alphabet start with "C"?

If you are born starting with the late 90s, you are aware that the drives on your computer start with C and go up the alphabet, depending on how many USB memory sticks and external hard drives you plug in. Have you ever wondered what happened to the letters A and B? Some people say that you are old if you know the answer to this question. Well, I call it experience and I am going to tell you, briefly, the story of A and B and the drives on your computer.

Once upon a time...

…computers were not in the advanced state that they are in now. With Terabytes of space and external hard-drives and what not. A long, long time ago, computers had limited storage space because of a nasty curse set by the Wicked Witch of the East. :)

However, the fairy godmother provided a fix to this curse: floppy disks. So each computer in the world saved two drives letters (A and B) for these important parts.

floppy floppy disk_sm

This is a nice to know, general knowledge fact, since most likely you tend to ask yourself the most basic questions that go unanswered, like Can you cry underwater? or If a man alone in the woods says something, would a woman still say he was wrong?.

So I decided to cover this "philosophical" question for this week's episode. It all started here: What are the Windows A and B Drives used for. The question was asked by Linker3000.

"In Windows you have a C: drive. Everything labeled beyond that is with the following letter.
So your second drive is D:, your DVD is E: and if you put in a USB stick it becomes F: and the following drive G:. And so on and so forth.
But then, what and where are A: and B:?

So, as I briefly explained, A and B are goners for a while now. That's because floppy disks have also been goners. It works on the principle "you snooze, you loose". :)

On a different note, this simple question was able to make a lot of people feel old. Being young or being old is no longer measured by age. It is now measured by how much you know or don't know.

A few examples could be the following:

The user yves baumes said:
"Wow. I know the answer.. Does that mean I am too old now??! :-/

Then, jeremy morgan realized:

"I asked myself if this was a serious question, then I remembered that the babies being born while I was hacking up batch files, can drink and buy houses now. It's time to buy a convertible corvette!

Oh, sweet, middle life crisis how you manage to get the best out of everyone.

Arnjuice: The Crises of Man

What does a computer geek do when he reaches midlife crisis? Buys a corvette? Oh no baby. He buys ridiculous amounts of RAM.

DDR1 400

So how about these floppy disks? For some of you, in case you were born after 2000, these are words that you need to Bing. (I'm not allowed to use G****e for this article).

Kimble provided a good joke about them:

"Fun fact about floppy disk: They were the only thing less trustworthy than politicians"

The correct answer to this week's question is given by FreeJelly:

"Drive letters A and B are reserved for floppy disk drives. However, if your computer does not have a floppy disk drive, you can assign these letters to removable drives.".

A little helpful hand as far as Disk Management is concerned can be reached from us with the article: How to Manage Partitions with the Disk Management Tool in Windows.

However, you would be amazed that people still use floppy drives to do their daily work. DragonLord said the following:

"While it is clear that these are used for legacy floppy disk drives, I should note that they're still used to this day by default for these ancient storage media:"

Last but not least, here's your proof that letter A exists in Windows's alphabet.


Whether Microsoft thinks they will revive as zombies or stay buried, well, that's no knowledge of ours, however Windows keeps the letters A and B occupied for old time's sake. There are workarounds regarding this if you explicitly want to use these 2 letters, however, I leave them at will. Not interfering with evil souls and so on in my computer.

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Has your mind ever wondered this far because of boredom? Did you ever just sat in front of your computer with File Explorer opened and just thought to yourself "hey, where the f**k are A and B?". If so, your answer has just been provided.

If not, well, you're just a busy man and we can understand that. Not relate, but definitely understand.