Tech Lolz: What Is Microsoft Word & How Many People Use It?

I am a very big fan of words. I have discovered that spoken language helps humanity evolve, language builds communities, nations and generally, speaking your mind clearly can actually save a marriage. I admit, at times I turn into a small grammar freak and I have a problem with listening to people who need more than an eon to say what they mean. My favorite words are verbs. Because you cannot build sentences without them. Some people seem to believe differently. Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you this weeks highlight for the category "Where did I park my goat?". His name is Michael and he doesn't use verbs in his questions. Let's see what he has to say and have some fun together:

Using Verbs Saves Lives

Last week, Michael accessed Yahoo! Answers and asked: Microsoft Word?.

Microsoft Word what? Microsoft Word dancing? Microsoft Word eating a burrito, changing underwear, running away with the circus, harlem shaking, swimming, sucking on a lollipop, protesting against killing caterpillars?

Microsoft Word Must Die!

We then saw the word Update and we were happy because we thought maybe he decided to explain what he wants from us. Indeed his update is very self explanatory:

"Update: gfhgfhfhgghfh"

What is more interesting is that we could notice there are more people who seem to come from the same cave as Mikey here and understand his mural scribbling, because they actually gave him answers.

"I guess I have to tell you about the software.

Word is a word processing software By Microsoft. You can create documents, PDFs (2013 version), and lots of things.

To get it, buy Microsoft Office. You get other software as well, like PowerPoint (presentation software), Excel (spreadsheet software) and more depending on which version you buy.

Microsoft office is Top Notch compared to other office suites (like LibreOffice and Google Docs), but it can cost a lot of money. Because of its features, so many businesses use it."

It's great to see kindness is still something that defines people with a lot of free time on the Internet.

Mikey isn't the only person to have issues related to Microsoft Word or Microsoft Office. We also found his cave-mate, Alice who asked how many people in the United Kingdom hove MSWord.

While perhaps she is looking to find out this piece of information for some research paper, we strongly recommend that she write a nice letter to Microsoft and ask them if they can help her out and give her some stats. Because Yahoo! Answers is not really the most reliable source for this kind of stuff. I'll just log in and say: well, about 4.259.887 people. Now go and check that with the entire population of the UK. Right now, her research is doing great: 2 people don't and 2 refused to tell.

We did, however, like one of the answers she got for her question:

"How long is a piece of string?"

After scrolling and scrolling through the entire list of questions, we realized we were too harsh on these two so we would like to be of help.

Qu'est Ce Que Is This Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is part of Microsoft Office, which is a suite of desktop applications developed by Microsoft to help you get things done. The oldest members of the pack are Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Today, the suite is way more extended and has many apps to help you with.

Now, in order to figure out what version of Microsoft Office you need you should make a list of what you do on a day to day basis and if, by any chance, you seem to be working a lot with words, writing, or a lot with numbers and maths and statistics and so on, you might actually want to buy a licence as it is pretty difficult to work efficiently with free solutions like Open Office or inside Google Docs.

If you decide you do need Microsoft Office, then you should check which version of it suits you and your computer. If you have reached this point of the article then maybe you should check information about Microsoft Office 2010 or bout Microsoft Office 2013 to make up your mind. Also, this article might be useful.


Microsoft Office, and thus Microsoft Word, is not something you really, really need if you spend under one hour on your computer for work and you communicate exclusively via phone. But nowadays, not having Microsoft Office is like wearing clothes all your life without ever putting on a pair of socks. You just have to have at least one pair of socks in your life. It's basic.