Tech Lolz: We Have Witnessed The Death Of An Era. LOL

According to and to many many other serious newspapers that get bored with regular news, it seems that people do not use LOL anymore when they want to express laughter. Of course it was to be expected, since all trends tend to vanish once with every generation. But there is something profoundly sad about this as well.

What Channel Were You On? Gimme A Nickname

Let's remember the 2000s. Oh, you don't? Let me help you a little: ASL PLS. The lovely age of mIRC, when every teenager discovered he or she can date without actually facing the hard fact that their zits and lack of facial hair will probably not get them to second base before 23. mIRC, the Tinder of Millennials, was also the place where the LOL was born. It was a time when you could buy small pocket books that were some sort of dictionary for understanding abbreviations so you can talk in a way cooler manner. It was time when LOL was cool and ROFL was for when you really liked your online date and tried to make her feel seriously funny and appreciated.


Apparently, the new generation uses a lot of :)) and =)) to express what LOL used to be. Indeed, at the end of the day, it's still lines and dots, but the fact that at least we used letters to suggest an emotion was better than just a sign. But maybe I am too nostalgic.

Mostly, today, we use haha to actually suggest we have been amused. Really? When did we all get so aristocratic and cocky? Haha is like British for I was almost impressed and I need you to endorse me on LinkedIn so I'll pretend you were funny.

All this information has been taken out of a study conducted by Facebook (yes, it is as bad as it sounds). The research also states that men usually prefer writing hehe. (I am currently waiting on some feminist memes on this.) They also say that the analysis was only based on public comments and statuses. Also, my mum used to tell me that my cookie monster is on a diet and so should I.


I think it's time for another Internet revolution on a topic that has absolutely no real impact on society. This is no Ice Bucket Challenge, this should be the #savetheLOLnow challenge. Lets go back to the the last point we got to before we decided that smiley faces are an acceptable form of communicating emotions. LOL was fun. Receiving a LOL meant you actually made somebody smile the least. Let the army of Internet trolls unite and let's give the LOL its fair place in our conversations.

Lol. It's 2 a.m. I need some serious sleep. What am I doing with my life...