Tech Lolz: Washing Your Belongings, Both Non-Digital And Digital

In my life I have washed many things and I don't want to hear even one misogynistic joke about that. :) However, never have I managed to just wash what I initially intended to. It's because I never check the pockets for stuff. I find that as the most useless thing to do, especially in our country. Romanian money is made of plastic, so mainly it will do it good, condoms are rubber and are also wrapped up, napkinsā€¦ well who has used napkins in their pocket? So yes, for these small reasons, I never check the pockets of my clothes before washing them. And I regret nothing. However, I'm not sure how I would react in the case of this week's episode. Let's see what this is all about:

It's Laundry Day!

I miss living at home with my parents. There was never a Laundry Day. Actually, I'm sure there was since I always had clean clothes, but I never noticed it. So first of all, thank you mom!

Secondly, today's lesson is about stuff that should not be put into a washing machine. Just common sense things like keys, the wallet, your dignity or, as you will see, a USB flash drive. The user user95156 had the following situation:

"I accidentally left a USB flash drive in my clothes, which was then washed with my laundry. This was a colored load, hot water.
The drive survived just fine and was very clean. All data was still there, and I see no physical damage.
Am I risking any long-term data loss/drive damage due to this washing affair, or is there no additional risk now that I see the drive has not suffered any initial damage?"

If you can count cleanliness as damage, you are in for a surprise because that baby is now squeaky clean and I am sure of that.

LEGO USB flash drive

Since we live in the 21st century, let me just inform you about the idea of waterproof USB flash drives. I mean come on!!! Probably your phone is already waterproofed so why not invest in a waterproof storage space? I might be exaggerating due to the fact that I just saw the movie Noah (Pretty late, I know), so the idea of a lot of water is definitely stuck in my head.

Oh, do you know what is the best waterproof storage space? It's, of course, the CLOUD! Any cloud, just pick one.

Anyway, let's disregard my continuous rattle about everything and carry on to some of the internet's thoughts:

The user krumelur knows something and he's not telling us:

"Out of curiosity: What temperature do you need to kill all viruses? [...]"

Which Form of Malware is the Most Dangerous?

I like this guy. Boiling viruses... People and their imagination make me wake up every morning!

Some of you might have heard about the rice method. You know when something gets wet, just put it in a bowl of uncooked rice, which supposedly will absorb the moisture out of the device. I have not put this theory to the test since I tend to keep my gadgets out of water.

However, this method, if not understood entirely, can lead to disastrous outputs. Lets take for example Ben Brocka:

"I cook the drive with the rice, right?

Sure, you just cook it over a small flame for around 20 minutes and you'll have the greatest rice of your life. Just remember to use a toothpick for those microcircuits lodged in there.

Seems like Polunomial is on the same page with me:

"I was about to ask who the hell would think of putting a phone in a microwave, when I remembered that my laptop's manual came with the following advice: "Do not put in pressure cooker."

Picard /facepalm

How it's done!

For 2 weeks now I have not been providing any solutions to my articles since there weren't any. However, for this one, I have got you covered.

However, Haimg helped me out with this:

"The main danger is corrosion. Even if you dried the drive properly, some water may still remain, trapped under SMD components, etc. This will cause the device to fail, eventually.
So, in my opinion, best course of action is this:

  1. Back up your data on that drive.
  2. Disassemble the drive and wash the PCB with isopropyl alcohol. This will drive most of the trapped water out.
  3. Dry it properly (Week or so in a dry place will be enough).
  4. Never use it for anything you cannot lose."

So, what you need to keep from this is that corrosion is indeed a long-run boogy man. It might be that the USB flash drive is nice and sparkly now but with time, it will fail. They always do, no matter how well you treat them. Oh, or they get stolen or you lose them. Yup, these are the ending scenarios in any USB flash drive's case.


It's easy: check your pockets before washing your clothes. But most likely you'll forget to do that. Just like me! In which case, this article will come in handy.
What is the worst thing that you washed in the washing machine by accident? It can be either digital or non-digital if it is truly funny. If not, nevermind, just digital stuff. Let us know in the comments section below. Take care!