Tech Lolz: Turning Your Laptop Into a Bomb Through Endless Charging

Hey there dearest guys and gals. Are you on a laptop? Is it plugged in as you work on it? Oh my, you may be in some serious trouble. Oh, it's a desktop? Nevermind then. The fact that I am still writing these articles week after week only suggests that the material out there is getting easier and easier to find. For today's issue we will tackle battery charging situations, mainly one particular situation which I grew very fond of this week.

Never have I ever...

… unplugged the laptop only because the battery is charged. However, apparently, this is a best practice in the old town of "I'm Technically Challenged". Active population: 1 ; millions on vacation but coming back on weekly basis, one at a time.

In this particular town, you clean your keyboards with vodka, computers are capable of deep emotions, you can do very basic Math with no logic and what not.

This week, Chan is mayor of this town. And he has been presented with this distinction after a valuable piece of infomation that caught my eye in this discussion: Oh my god i charged my laptop for almost 24 hours?

"please help im worried about my laptop. I leave it charging for almost 24 hours. I forgot to unplug the charger. What will happen???"

Endless possibilities depending on several factors. However most of them end tragically so I do not see any point in listing them out.

The fact that you used the "OMG" implies that you are either hysterical or really panicked. Now, my questions is simple: Why didn't you buy a desktop if the laptop is so much hassle? Or a tablet if you are all about being portable. A laptop, despite having a battery, is safe to remain plugged in for a longer period of time. But what do I know? I just imagine unicorns in my spare time.

However, let's take smoke on his word when he states:

"omg!!! hurry get it to a technician before it turns into a deceptacon!!!!"

For those of you unaware, a deceptacon is an evil type of transformer, led by the known Megatron. Transformers fans don't need to read the above part. You're all set.

Chana - Chinese Transformer

So yes, leaving your laptop plugged in can cause it, in several known cases, to transform in a mean machine.

Smokies Hiker however feels that everything is fine and dandy:

"Nothing will happen to your laptop because you left it charging for nearly 24 hours. Laptops have circuitry that keeps them from overcharging. Imagine how many house fires would be started by forgotten laptops that were left plugged in and charging somewhere in the house. When my battery level gets down to 5 or 10 percent, I'll plug in the charger and continue working. Usually long before I finish on the computer, the battery has been fully charged before I finish and unplug the charger. Nothing has ever happened to the charger, the battery or the computer. Don't worry about this."

And it is! And he's right! Usually the people who type a lot in a comment generally know a thing or two about what they are discussing. However, that is not a general rule. It just seemed to work in this case.

However, unlike his better advice, my laptop is nearly working all the time doing stuff in the background, including during the night, with its battery in and plugged in. I just leave a baby-monitor next to it so that I know if it needs my attention. :)


Laptops - the truth behind the covers

As a general rule: Laptops are not that fragile. That does not mean that you can play soccer with them, however, they can stand you leaving them plugged in for a long time.

I personally have not met anyone working with the laptop plugged out until the battery is drained and then plugging it back in to recharge and so on. A helpful hint would be to just remove the battery altogether when you work with it plugged in. You expose yourself to the risk of it shutting down if you have a power blackout, however, the battery life may be improved.

I made this experiment in college. My roommates and I had the same laptops bought at the same time. I kept mine with the battery out and plugged in whenever I used it in the room and just took the battery with me when I had classes. Unlike my roommates who kept the laptops plugged in with the battery in them, I could use my laptop throughout an entire course just on battery before having to fight with someone for a power outlet.

Also, most laptops nowadays work on lithium-ion batteries. These batteries will not overcharge and they also have an internal circuit that ensures that when they are full, the charging is done.

Also, regarding the fire-hazard earlier mentioned, since Lithium-Ion batteries do not overcharge, they also do not overheat or cause panic. However, as we all are human, I also turn off my laptop when I am leaving the home for more than 2 days in a row.

Now, when talking about battery life, we also have the option to change how our laptop uses his battery resource. We do this by power plans and I suggest that you use them unless you want your battery to be done in 15 minutes.

If you are unfamiliar with power plans.. shame on you. No worries, we're the kind that don't kiss and tell, so here you go: 13 Ways to Save Power by Tweaking Power Plans in Windows.

Or perhaps you could be better off using your own power plan. You can customize them, you know. Here's how: How to Create or Delete Your Own Custom Power Plans in Windows.


Laptops are a necessary evil. Wait, no. Laptops are a blessing. Wait, no. That's also wrong. Tablets are the blessing. Laptops are just a necessary good. Yup, that's it. I finally got it right. So, what's the longest time you left the laptop plugged in? My guess is what we will receive answers in years and such and I feel very comfortable with that. Take care!