Tech Lolz: One Operating System To Rule Them All - Windows 10

I know it hasn't been long since we spoke about the upcoming Windows 10 official release, but there are just so many humans out there asking so many questions about it, that you can't really focus on anything else. Therefore, we will meet some new Windows 10 aficionados today. Also, stay with me until the end because I have a bonus in store for you. I promise you won't be sorry.

Back From The Future

We just came back from the future and, unfortunately, we have to tell you we will still be surrounded by a huge amount of stupidness. I think healthy people with an IQ under 100 should be given free condoms. Call me mean and heartless, but really now! As Jim Jeffries, my favorite comedian, says: "if you are a dumb ugly one and she is a dumb ugly one, what do you expect your heirs to be other than super concentrated dumb ugly ones?" Here's this week's award winner:

How do i uninstall windows 10 shitty preview ? the most useless piece of **** i ever downloaded from the internet.?

Well… I take it you pretty much trashed your operating system by installing a preview (does the word preview even sound to you as what it really means?). Let's sit down for a minute and meditate together: you got something called Windows 10 Technical Preview from the mighty Internet and you installed it just like that, without even imagining for a second that a preview does not replace an operating system and that you might actually need to be, as the name suggests, a bit technical in order to use it?

Wow. It's like I am going to the hospital and say: Hmm, my body is pretty fine, I am healthy. Let's replace both my feet with an experimental prosthetic leg. What can go wrong?

Some people are just more special than others, I guess.

Dear Jack Sparrow, Pirates Don't Deserve Sympathy

Dear Johnny Depp, you are the only pirate who should ever exist on the planet. The world would be a so much nicer place if people would actually realize that it is NORMAL to pay for a service or for a product they need and/or use. But the world is not a nice place, and aside from the fact that people don't pay for stuff, they also want the bonuses for the not-damn-free stuff they copied.

Like this dude who wants to know when the pirated copies of Windows will also get Windows 10.

It's like stealing my dad's car and then going back to his house and also ask for his spare tire. What the hell is wrong with you people?


Yey, it's bonus time. Browsing through all sorts of questions I found something a bit confusing. We shall call him The Man Who Writes Letters:

How do I get blank screen to write a letter if I dont have office?

Update: should have said blank sheet of paper

Luckily, he posted an update. I was afraid he wanted to open Notepad, write a letter, then send his computer screen through old fashioned mail. On the other hand, if he wants to know how to get a blank sheet of paper, why does he need a computer in the first place? Why is he in the Tech section of Yahoo! Answers? Why is he on the Internet? Somebody give him a knife, a goose feather and some snake venom! This man needs to write a letter and he needs it now!


Ok. Enough for today. Conclusion? Uhm, yes. The conclusion would be the following: Everybody calm down, Windows 10 will be here soon. Stop installing things you do not understand. Nothing released before the 29th of July is a real Windows upgrade. Calm your tits. And get a genuine copy of your operating system. Stop being cheap.