Tech Lolz: Music for geeks and nerds

Hello there fellow citizens. I must begin by saying I am sorry for being away for such a long time. But times were hard, I was very late on all the series I am watching so I took a sabbatical month of silence. Just kidding, I was really busy. But I am back so let’s start off easy, also because there is a great holiday coming soon here, so I can’t really think of serious stuff. For many years, if there was anything people liked me for, it was uncovering tons of music, mainly because I have no life outside YouTube. So, after a while, I actually started organizing all the songs I found and liked or found hilariously wrong in special playlists. And today I will talk about one of these playlists.

What do you mean Cannibal Corpse is brunch music?

Aside from playlists for daytime parties, for night time parties, for dinner with parents, for those people you can’t stand but you have to have over regularly, music for the landlord when I still paid rent, music for doing the nasty, music for doing the nastier and so on and so forth.

Obviously, because many of my friends are geeks, I had special playlists for them, on various occasions. I will list mine below and I sure hope you will also share music in the comments below, because I really need to refresh my favorites list.

A. Music for when you work on stupid homework you got in college

Really. How is this still a thing? I thought that after primary school, secondary school, highschool, we’d stop having to get our homework done. This is why this world can’t have nice things. Let us use our time for building useful or random or funny stuff.

So technically you need something jolly, but annoying, that you can’t really sing along with because you still have an ego. If you motivate yourself by saying you will have this on repeat until the homework is done, I guarantee you will finish it in no time.

B. Music for when mum is visiting you

All right , let’s face it, for some of you your playlists begin with Five Finger Death Punch and end with Dimmu Borgir. But when mum is coming over, well, it’s Celine Dion time. You don’t want her to panic over the fact that you sold your soul and your first born to Satan, right? And I found just the thing you can use for when your mum is coming over and you really cannot stand My Heart Will Go On. It’s bad, it’s really bad, I must warn you, but at least it doesn’t have lyrics.

C. Music for when you have ladies over

It is a rare case, but if you do manage to bring one over (not applicable to kidnapping) I assume you realize you cannot pave your way towards her underwear with the Mario Kart soundtrack. So try something fresh, but not so up to date, popular, but not really the main of the mainstream, jazzy, but not slow like an anaesthetic. Something that tells her “I am lovely inside”, but I can deal with a complete b**ch as well. Perhaps something like this will be of use.


It’s OK to have guilty pleasures in music. I hope I hear all about them in the comments. Also let me know if you want me to keep on sharing music from the depths of my YouTube playlists. There is more from where that Azzurro came from. And I promise you I have something picked for absolutely every possible moment. Including for picking hairs out of your nose. I mean it. Try doing that on Die Antwoord - I Fink U Freaky. It will give you great confidence boost and you won’t believe humans are really weird for literally plucking themselves. That video and that song help a lot.