Tech Lolz: Is This a Keyboard or a Toaster? Or Maybe Both?

Hello there! You all know the classic question: "to be or not to be?". Adapting it to our modern times, we could transform it into: "to buy or not to buy?". I'm sure that all of us have lived that moment when we could afford either object A or object B but not both. So we were in the difficult situation of choosing between them. Now, if any of you are like me or like Sheldon (remember the Big Bang Theory?), this task is nearly impossible. But, luckily for us, Microsoft has thought of everything: from operating systems to toasters. Yes, you read right. I said toasters. And this brings me to today's topic. Sit back and enjoy, it's gonna be a fun ride! :)

Humor me, Microsoft

I've come across today's topic on an entertainment website that I enjoy daily and I searched for the root where it all started. Then, I thought it would be a great idea to share it with our readers.

The user ydaetskcor started the following thread: Why does Windows think that my wireless keyboard is a toaster?.

And here is what he said:

"I've inherited an old PC from my girlfriend's dad and when setting up the printer I got a bit of a surprise:

Two questions spring to mind here:

  1. Why does Windows think my wireless keyboard is a toaster?
  2. Why does Windows even have an icon for a toaster in the devices menu?"

It doesn't matter how you look at this problem, it's absolutely hilarious.

This only proves that Microsoft and the Windows operating system are far more capable than we gave them credit for. They already live in the moment where you get your toast from your PC. It's just us users that are not creative enough. :)

Nevertheless, this is a legitimate question and the picture is not photoshopped and so on. And there is also a legitimate answer, but before getting to that one, let's cherry pick the funniest answers:

kevin-l says:

"google suggests that an there may be several keyboard-toaster models"

The natural progression of technology...

Hmm… so it seems. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could type personalized statements on your toast? Something like "I love you" for the more romantic users or "If you so much as forget to clean the dishes after you eat, I am going to murder you" for the more "realistic" ones. :)

Then, the user undo states:

"The real question: Why do you think that your wireless toaster is a keyboard?"

And here we were empathizing with ydaetskcor that his computer is somehow possessed, when the real problem lied in front of the computer all the time - the user.

Though, sorry to disappoint, there truly is a legitimate answer to the original question. Just not this next one. The user josay might have found another possible solution:

"Maybe your keyboard has too many... hotkeys

David Caruso = Progress

However, what did actually happen? How did the toaster become an icon for a wireless keyboard? The user kenneth-l can explain it pretty easily.

"Reason 1
Because Microsoft made a toaster driver sample. In the sample there is the line Toaster.ico and there is a chance that your keyboard manufacturer took that sample.
Reason 2
Look at the back of the keyboard for some place to insert a slice of bread…"

The first reason is the real cause for this situation. Yes, Microsoft has created a toaster icon in its sample drivers. Why? Reasons unknown, but they have created that icon.

As you know, in the Devices and Printers panel you can have icons for nearly everything, from external hard drives, to printers, monitors, keyboards, mice and what else. You can access these devices, view their properties, change them or troubleshoot problems.

Sometimes weird things happen with those icons. For example, in my case, the mouse is seen as a USB Tablet… or perhaps the other way around? Not really sure… At least it's not seen as a toaster. :)


So, if you want to spice up your day and get a little giggle, look at the icons in Devices and Printers. Also, it's a way to keep an inventory on how you spend your money or perhaps how rich you are. If you find icons with expensive cars that show how rich you are, they are totally outdated. Nowadays, a screenshot of your devices linked to the computer shows your real value as a man. :)