Tech Lolz: If Only We Could Download More Brain. Sorry, I Meant RAM

My dear Internet friends, we have found the end of a species. I am very happy to share this discovery with you and I am now sitting relaxed in my armchair waiting for some evolutionists to call me and offer me money. I managed to find the last individual who climbed down the tree and decided to be a human. And he's searching for RAM. Don't hesitate to open this episode of Tech Lolz and have a good laugh with me:

Why people need training in asking the right questions

Let me introduce you to Josh who has given us a kind and humble example of how some people should not have access to computers and benefit from the progress of technology. But Josh does. And out of all the places in the world he has managed to end up on Yahoo! Answers. Which is the place where most dum-dums end, but that is not the point.

So Josh had a question. A question he had asked before and, as expected, did not get an answer, probably because the friend he asked could not stop laughing. Josh asked Yahoo! Answers how can he download more RAM:

"How do I download more RAM?
My friend said he had 24 gigabytes of RAM and I asked him where he downloaded it from, but he wouldn't tell me. Where do I download RAM!?!?!"

I will now give you a moment to laugh before you continue reading.

The community obviously reacted and tried to help the poor fellow and they gave him useful advice, even websites from where he could download extra RAM for his computer:

Mandeep's answer was even voted the best one:

" Your friend is correct about being able to download more RAM. They seem to know a lot about computer hardware. And so does Mandeep."

Though I honestly like the second comment more:

"These guys are lying to you! I know for a fact that you can download ram! It just isn't ram it's a virus, and it doesn't do anything other than potentially destroy your machine and leak private documents to the web......If that's what you're after I'm sure a quick Google search will yield many places that will gladly take your money and make a fool of you in the process"

Here is the right answer for the wrong question

Dear Josh, and hopefully no one else other than Josh, saying you can download RAM is like saying you can download another brain lobe or, in your case, a brain lobe. RAM (random access memory) is something that exists as an object itself.

Here is a picture of a lovely RAM lady posing in green grass.

Top ram... best on black

Oh, wait! Wrong RAM. That one can't be downloaded either. You can feed it though.


RAM is what keeps your computer moving at a speed that won't make you want to go draw alien circles with your ass on your neighbour's lawn. An average computer user should be just fine with 2GB of RAM. By average I mean you only use Word, Paint, Solitaire and Internet Explorer. And sometimes you watch movies with Windows Media Player. Basically, your grandma. I don't want to offend her though. Some grandma's rock when it comes to computers and they really know their stuff. Our very own Marte Brengle can confirm. :)

If you are above average, though it is not your case Josh, you will do fine with 4GB of RAM of go for 6GB if you plan on using software like Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, and Illustrator. If you want to go further and attack some like Adobe After Effects and Motion … the more RAM the merrier.

You have to check your PC's documentation and first see if you can add more RAM, then what type of RAM you need and go shopping accordingly. And if you have no idea what to do with the green thingie once you bought it, ask a friend to help you out. But not the friend who told you that you can download it, please.


But I guess it's not Josh's fault after all. I do instead recommend Google to go offline and make a huge campaign worldwide, OOH advertising and all, where they suggest something like: before you go and make a fool of yourself, ask Google if what you want to do is possible before getting straight to the point. Use "can I" before "how do I".