Tech Lolz: I Am Not Even Mad, I Am Actually Impressed

… That they are still alive. Let's take a moment and think of how when we were young we were taught to stick a cube inside a cube shape, and not a sphere inside a triangle shape. Let's remember all the moments when we asked our mothers why, oh, why do we have to go to school. And she answered us in long explanatory sentences full of pretty and useful things. The answer was actually way more simple than that: because you don't want to be stupid!

Skinny People Have Low IQ

Before all of the people under 140 pounds start being annoyed with me, I have an explanation. It's not really my explanation, it's a logical deduction taken from a dude I found on Yahoo! Answers, who asked a question I did not know how to react to in the first place. Some say he is a troll, but he owns Apple products, so I am not very sure he has what it takes to be a troll.


hey everyone so my computer right now weighs 1.5kilos (its a macbook air) and i was wondering does putting files onto your computer make it heavier because i don't want my mac book air being heavy

Actually yes, that is why all fat people are smart as hell. It's from all the knowledge they add to their brains. The skinnier you are, the less you have stored in your brain. Also, those big headed guys, damn, they are the geniuses, don't mess with them. And those silly people who own laptops already heavy when you buy them. Imagine how much they're carrying around.


Damn Firefox, Dressing Up As Google And Bing All The Time

It's OK to mistake the 3.0 USB port with the 2.0 USB port and it's ok to not to care about the difference between.png and.jpg. But that's as far as I can go with tolerating what people don't know about computers. This guy does not fit inside these limits.

I have "FireFox" as my search engine on my laptop for the internet. How do I switch my search engine to "Internet Explorer"?

Aaaa. I don't know where to start. First Firefox is a search engine as my mum is a nuclear weapon. Oh, wait. That's more plausible. She tends to burn all the food, so she might have some features like a bomb. Anyway. Firefox and Internet Explorer are browsers, not search engines. Google is a search engine, and Google's browser is Chrome. And when I say Google's browser I mean the company's browser, not the search engine's.

Actually why do I even bother. If you wanna switch, just close Firefox (the big X button in the top right corner) and turn on (double click on the left button of your mouse) Internet Explorer and then just.. explore or whatever. Try exploring for some How-Do-I-Use-Computers classes.

If you find any please also bring down your friend here who wants to delete his keyboard's memory. It might help him.

How to erase keyboard memory?

Give it alcohol. Get your keyboard drunk. She won't remember a thing.


I think these people should pay taxes. For every really stupid question they ask they should have to pay a tax to fund schooling for other people who don't get heavier if they store information in their bodies, yet they somehow know that keyboards don't hold postcards of the tip of your fingers.