Tech Lolz: How to pick the best "operating system"

If there is one thing I have heard more often than my mom telling me that I am too fat, it is the eternal dispute between Windows users and Mac users. God forbid you should ask a bunch of people what should you buy and tell them you don’t really care about the budget. It will never end. If anyone decided to make a series about the fights between different operating system users, we would end up with something that’d make The Young and the Restless TV series look like a short european movie. Because yes, the world is divided in three main directions. And I’ve dated all three of these directions. Let’s talk a little about each:

I can play ALL the games!

The Windows user is the know-it-all. If you are into all that overprotective arrogant boyfriend, yes, he is the douchebag you are looking for. Before you go out he will insist you always put another sweater on and maybe add another scarf, because you never know who might have a virus where you two are going. He will take you out running and constantly check on you, to see if you are up to date with your health and see what you could improve. He isn’t really a stallion, he gets turned on pretty slow, and he will be tired in under 4-5 hours, but he can multitask decently. All in all, he is kind of fun and always in the mood for a good game. Beware as he is very competitive and sometimes a bit of a control freak. No worries about how you two will communicate, he always asks everything at least twice.

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I am expensive and stupid proof

Apple is probably the brand to watch if you want to see how marketing is more powerful than any way in which aliens ever tried to conquer us.

Because I don’t see any aliens around, but damn are we surrounded by zombies with iPhones. The iBoyfriend is sexy. He looks good, he is popular, he is built to be shown off at parties and dinners, he gets turned on really quickly and can last forever, but when he burns out, you'll need to invest a lot of time, cash and effort to bring him back. Also, he can be pretty dull at times. He is really not into fun and games and also, he's cheap. You'll have to pay for everything in the stores. He will drag you to Starbucks, because he is hip and most likely you'll dump him for his younger brother. Your mother in law doesn't seem to have much of a problem with that, though. On the contrary!

I am Linux and I lurk in the shadows

Yeah. About them. Uhm… have you seen American Psycho?


There is no conclusion, really. Until we will have one to rule them all, the fight between operating systems will be here with us, every time we take our geeks out for coffee and somebody makes the mistake of bringing that up. None of them is better, it matters what's best for your needs. And for your wallets.