Tech Lolz: How to have fun on YouTube, this Christmas!

It’s beginning to look a lot like… three more weeks before the horrible meeting with all the relatives you wish you’d never ever see again. One whole week of getting stuffed with food wearing Christmas socks, Christmas pajamas, Christmas earrings, Christmas slippers and so on. It will all be red and white and you will get out of the turkey shape of Thanksgiving and get rounder and rounder, in the shape of Santa. But we can make this holiday bearable. Stick with us to learn how:

Last week we spoke about TV series for geeks. This time I decided I should be useful and recommend some awesome YouTube channels to follow in the future, and of course to catch up on their content while you listen to grandma telling you that you will remain forever alone if you keep on playing video games. If that really is the case, here’s a cat for your singlehood.

When smart and funny beats looks

There are many things I cannot stand, one of them being guys who wear sports caps. There is nothing hot about sports caps. Nobody looks good wearing them. But, I’d marry the Nostalgia Critic five times a day, because he is hilarious and smart and a walking encyclopedia of movies, series and cartoons. I’d buy him the caps myself if that’s what made him happy!

OK, long story short, League of Super Critics is something you should definitely follow, not just for Doug Walker, The Nostalgia Critic, but also for the rest of the team. Movies are simply torn apart with the best humor I have heard so far in terms of video reviewing. Also, even if I hate parodies, these guys are aces at it. Tip : start with the video about Jupiter Ascending. Grab tissues, you will cry with laughter!

In case of stupid, launch YouTube and use brains

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is, in my opinion, the best commentary show ever invented. Watching it every week makes you understand how, no matter how hard you try, you will never be as funny as he and his screenwriters are. You cannot. Nobody can. Stand-up comedians, I love you and all, but really, grab a pen and start learning.

This show is great for everyone as it makes you less stupid. Considerably less stupid than any reality show you planned on watching now. Alt+F4 that dumb series. Now!

Finally, chemistry makes sense!

And since we mentioned less stupid, here’s another channel responsible just for that. Before I write it down, kids, no, it’s not ok to transcript the videos and use them as final papers in school.

Crash Course is the teacher we all wish we had in highschool. Fun, useful, in flat design, with good puns and smart structure. It’s like Popeye’s spinach for your general knowledge. Use it wisely.

For your inner teenager

I was very close to being named a sexist, but luckily I remembered to add Jenna Marbles here on the list. She is your usual vlogger, nothing spectacular in the topics she covers, but she is blunt, straightforward and the girl you’ll never have. Pretty much like all your crushes.

Follow her for that tiny bit of disconnection you need every evening before going to sleep. She is worth the Follow button pressing. Begin with this video from 2012 on sports bras to get an idea on her sense of humor.

Remember that song in the 90s?

You probably don’t know, but this guy will help you with many music styles, popular throughout time, as he takes songs famous in the now and simply passes them through a gazillion types of singing. Besides his good looks, DAT VOICE is wow.

I recommend you actually put on his playlists for Christmas. Carols are so 2003. Seriously, he is what you need !


Dear digital citizens, this is what I had to recommend for the month of December in term of YouTube. Of course, there are more awesome things out there. Please share them with us in the comments section below so we can waste time together and make inside jokes afterwards. All my love to you!