Tech Lolz: How To Fit A Large Cube Inside A Tiny Sphere?

Hello there, everyone, and welcome to this week's episode of "Who Invented The Rubber Duck Anyway?". No, this will not be an article about rubber ducks, bathtubs or anything similar, but one about how not everything is possible. Before you start digging through your bookmarks after that meme with "Impossible means I'm Possible", don't waste your time. Some things are not really possible, yet. For example, it is not possible to move a mountain with your bare hands, unless you are green and belong in Marvel series. Oh, yes, and unless you're fictional. But today we have a very real fellow trying to be a digital superhero. Grab your biscuits and enjoy.

Give A Pen To A Blind Cow, Now Make It Paint Like Dali

Logic is something many people lack. Knowledge… even fewer have it. But everything can be taught. Just like this dog is now a millionaire after he learned how to paint and his owners decided it should also exhibit.


But we have a greater purpose in life now and that is showing to the young digital art passionate dude here that you can't really print moving art:

"My printer won't print.gifs properly?
I'm trying to print a.gif file, but whenever I print it out, the picture doesn't move.
am I doing something wrong?"

Yes, you are doing everything wrong. It's like trying to exhibit a fighting kangaroo in a museum. You can't stuff a scene. You can make your kangaroo look like he is in a printscreen mid-Kung-Fu training but you can definitely not make him move unless his vital organs still work. And trying to stuff a living kangaroo I am pretty sure is against the law in all countries. Maybe not China, not sure about China. They're weird.

Either way, you cannot print a .gif and expect it to move on paper as well, because a .gif is a collection of images that succeed at a given speed, on a loop. It's mainly like your mom's advice but with pictures. "Stop playing on the computer. Do your homework. Clean your room. Stop playing on the computer. Do your homework. Clean your room. Stop playing on the computer. Do your..." You get it. And you can't print mom.

Only Jesus Can Duplicate Fish And Bread

The saga of the dum-dum .gifs continues with another adorable person who wants to make a .gif file out of a picture. You can always save it as .gif but it won't really do anything. If you have a flower picture, it will still be a flower, not a flower moving in the wind or a flower getting eaten by a donkey on a loop.

The user named "Darling, Be Human" (not kidding, that is his username) wants to know

"How do i put a gif over a picture?
so i want to make a meme pic with a gif on it. i have the picture (jpeg) and gif saved on my computer. i already tried doing it on paint and saving it as a gif file but it wouldn't move. help please?"

I have an idea. Open the image in Paint, regardless of its extension, grab your monitor and run around the house. It should work. Also, you kind of need more than just one .jpeg file to create one single .gif. Check some tutorials.


Every time I reach the conclusion section, I grab my cup of coffee and wonder how can I end an article about people who don't seem to understand many things, by giving them some good advice. And then I remember I am not a good person and I don't want to teach people how to make animated .gif files. Because if you are slow enough to imagine you can print a movie and use Paint and some Harry Potter spell, eventually to turn a .jpeg file into a moving image, then you deserve to spend time looking for answers.