Tech Lolz: Halloween in a box, a speaker-box!

Poltergeists, ghosts, zombies, witches, vampires and what not. This is what you might see going along the street in this time of the year. That doesn't necessarily freak you out now, does it? Well what about if you do not have to go out but still encounter one of the above without a possible or reasonable explanation? Would that freak you out? Don't be a hero for nothing. If you were the guy in this week's episode you would reconsider your priorities and faith. You would reconsider the fine line between the "dead" and the "living". In other words, you would crawl right back to your mommy.

Trick or treat? How about trick?

As a way of tormenting my life even more, I believe in ghosts. The whole mixture that led me to believe in them might as well have been a series of coincidences, but nevertheless, I am a believer! (NOT Belieber!!!) Imagine my panic reading through all these scary computer questions in order to find something good for you guys for this Halloween. I think I was successful! Read it and let me know in the comments.

The user bcmcfc had the following situation:

"[...] It appears to be software, hardware or virus related, so I thought I'd try here, seeing as Ghostbusters is just a film, so I can't call them.
I'm not going mad, and this isn't a joke.
There's what appears to be a radio stream coming out of my speakers, except I can only hear it when the volume knob is turned down to the min setting whilst the speakers are on, which makes no sense. Sometimes it's French, which also makes little to no sense.
The speakers are Logitech 5.1s, I forget the model number, and I'm running XP 64bit. If that makes a difference.
I'd suspect it could be some sort of crazy virus, but I've been randomly killing processes whilst the poltergeist is active and it hasn't killed it, so I'm not sure about that.
Once again, I'm perfectly sane and this really isn't a joke. Perhaps other people have had this problem but have been too afraid of the reaction to ask anyone (please don't have me committed to an insane asylum).
Googling for strange noises coming from speakers didn't really get me anywhere. Has anyone heard of a virus that can do this and affect the volume controls on the hardware in that way?"

I would classify this as a "Nope" situation. I classify all situations that I put myself into to three types: "OK", "OK-ish" and "Nope". For example, having a spider on my room's wall is a "Nope" situation.

Lampona cylindrata (White-tailed Spider)

I don't know about you, but I would take the first Nopetrain all the way to Nopesville.

Obviously, hearing French from my computer when my speakers are on minimum would also go to the "Nope" department of my brain. Want a piece of advice? Get a pet and blame every single non-explicable noise/action on it. I have managed to cope with life successfully for about 5 years now with a little helper by my side.

Blu on a beam

Let's see what are the normal reactions of Internet's little helpers everywhere. It's the second time I've used this phrase in this article and I am well-aware of that but I just think I'm jolly for Christmas.

The user moab mentioned that:
"Sounds like a Windows "Feature" ;-)"

Whereas Ivo Flips shows emphaty towards poor moab:

"I get this a lot, too bad the Poltergeists can't really sing"

I was terrified at this point. Amused and terrified. I would definitely wouldn't want my computer to start singing "La vie en rose" all of a sudden. Edith Piaf, all due respect, but I cannot handle any of that drama. How could I possibly blame the cat for this one?

There are no such things as ghosts!

Yes they are! Why am I contradicting myself? Right, because I am part of the female population of this world. We tend to love to contradict ourselves. Don't tell me that you don't or that your better half doesn't contradict herself every day.

Apart from providing you with great technical advice, I always seem to be wandering out of my major to Social Studies and Human Relations. Please, please don't take it for real. The relationship one. I know what I'm talking when we're in the technical side of things.

Regarding the weird sounds from the speakers, there's a quite reasonable explanation and nifle will shed some light:

"It's not a new problem
PC speakers also pick up radio
Basically your speaker cables work as an antenna and picks up normal radio."

In order to avoid this type of situation, try using grounded outlets.


By using grounded outlets the energy has a more effective way to going back to the service panel, mainly not through you and, most importantly, not remaining through the speakers giving you paranoia and fear of the unknown.
An alternative to grounded outlets would be Ferrite beads. These little things suppress high frequency noise in electronic circuits… Just another thought you could try.

So, no worries, you are not going nuts, and most importantly, the computer is, in consequence, devil-free for at least another week. We'll see what will happen in next week's episode.


Silly you, thinking that there are ghosts and stuff. How silly does it seem now? Ever have had an eerie phenomenon which kinda hoped had a reasonable explanation but you could not find one? Or just decided that you'd rather stick with the ghost version of the story?
How was that saying? I'll show you mine, you show me yours. Ready to listen to some spooky stories and share some of my own. You first! In the comment section below.

One last note: I see now that the last phrase containing the "showing" might be interpreted waaaay too wrong, so please, no weird pics! :)