Tech Lolz: Good Ideas Don't Always Come From Geniuses

Sometimes I look at some people and I wonder how come they managed to stay alive for so long. And some of them actually make a pretty good living and lead a pretty decent, if not successful life. It is a complete mystery to me. Some of them are also geniuses. I remember having a friend with a verified IQ of three digits and none of those was 0 or 1 and, while he could solve any macroeconomic issue of third world countries, on paper, he could not answer a simple question like: Do you want coffee or tea for breakfast? Cause there was too much going on in his head to make basic Yes/No, this/that decisions on the spot. But I am pretty sure he wouldn't be as amazingly random as the guy I will tell you about in a second.

The World Was Not Enough

I was digging through the depths of the Internet and while I had many fun and random topics to tell you about, I stopped and read this guy's post like 7 times to understand what he is actually asking.

Yes, I strongly recommend you go to YouTube and play the song The World Is Not Enough while reading his post. I know it's a little longer than usual, but please bear with me on this one.

Hi all, I am REALLY SHY person, I don't like interacting/socializing much with people. I am making a REALLY amount of money working on my own business(am 20 yrs). The kind of work I do involves designing a website from scratch (basically starting from a blank notepad page to millions of lines of code) and then marketing it extensively till I make it big. Then I earn from advertising. I am my own boss.
Am good at doing automation through programming, and so, I can handle it all alone (actually my scripts and bots can handle it all alone while I can enjoy sipping martini on a beach anywhere in the world).
The thing I do is so simple, that I don't want to disclose the facts/secrets about it to anyone. If I hire programmers and teach them, then they would soon understand that what they are doing under my company, its soooo easy, that they can do alone inside their home. And that would introduce similar players into the market.
If i tell someone i own a web based company, they think am still a small child playing on the computer.
I don't know how to make it into a big company. I have enough money to buy a big office space, make it fully furnished, put a big lighted company logo on top of it.... but.... what would people do there, when everything can be automated by artificial intelligence? If someone could tell me how to break down what i do into different departments and how they should function symbiotically/simultaneously. I just need a direction to head towards.

I personally believe you will find him as intriguing and as insane as I did. Honestly, the best image to describe my reaction to his post was this:

jackie chan meme

Aaaaaa…. where do I even start? The best answer this kid got was from a guy called Mark who said:


The English Translation Of This English Text

Yes, of course Mark doesn't know, because what we just read above enters the category "The ***** did I just see?". In case you did not understand anything the guy meant, let me first break it for you in a few easy lines:

  • Joe has discovered how to make websites really fast because he automated some processes most probably.
  • Apparently this has helped him earn a lot of money (so he says).
  • He also makes all this all by himself at home, or on the beach, or in other fancy places because he can afford it. Actually he says he can afford buying a huge office, hire people and even put a big lighted company logo outside the door.
  • He claims that what he does is very easy and he is afraid that if he hires people, they will learn how to do it and basically dump him in the trasher and go make their own companies, therefore he will start having serious competition.
  • So he wants to build a huge company, that will be taken seriously, but without hiring anyone, because he wants to make it big.
  • And his only problem is that, again so he says, he is shy and very bad with socializing and interacting with people.

Wow. So we have a rich, tech savvy 20y old, who actually came up with an awesome algorithm (probably), who asks how can he build a huge company with no human resources on Yahoo! Answers. On bloody Yahoo! Answers. In rather poor English.


I am really curious though to find out what he means by marketing it extensively and earn money from advertising. Because from where I stand (figuratively, I am actually in my lovely armchair sipping a soda I shouldn't be sipping at this time of the night. Or ever.) this kid has a nice and smooth spamming and black SEO thingie going. Dear captchas, you missed one here. He is asking for business advice on Yahoo.


And this, my friends, is why kids should go to college. Because there they can learn how to function in a normal world, inside a normal economy and most important, how to meet and make friends, who will tell you you are an idiot when you want to go on Yahoo! Answers to ask random strangers how you can build a company, without actually building a company.