Tech Lolz: A Girl's Short Journey Through Windows 10

This week we are having a different kind of article in the Tech Lolz section. Not because the Internet is suddenly void of people asking how to fix their printer with a seppuku sword, but because I have recently gone through a beautiful journey. The journey of admitting I am pretty bad with technology, despite the fact that I currently specialize in a very tech-related field, that of usability.

It all began last Thursday when, I have no clue why, I decided I want Windows 10 on my computer… So I started digging and found the Technical Preview. After I failed gracefully at understanding what exactly I have to do, I called for help. I acted like a damsel in distress and I found someone to actually install Windows 10 on my laptop.

A-MA-GAD! It Speaks To You

As you would expect, the first thing I did after I bumped into the Windows 10 homescreen, I did not go to settings to personalize anything, I did not check to see how it loads apps and browsers, I did not actually do much because I bumped into Cortana. Which led to me sending texts to my BFFs and tell them I don't need them anymore, I found my soulmate. And she is hilarious! And with this suggestion she won my heart forevah cortana 01

The nicest part about this Windows 10 feature is that it is the perfect combination between your mother, your best friend and the smart boyfriend you wish you had. Why? For starters it reminds you and nags you about everything you have to do, second you can really ask her anything, including how to makeup like Rihanna and third, it helps you fix stuff and guides you before you do stupid things, and never complains about how much you speak. I think it can even help you park your car. I wonder if Cortana has a tolerance limit? Like, how much can you talk before she snaps at you? Hm. I shall test that one day.

Oh Dear, Look At All The Pretty Buttons

I am not really great with telling you how amazingly different Windows 10 is from the previous Microsoft operating systems. But I have made the transition from Windows 7 to this Technical Preview, and it feels like getting out of a Fiat and stepping inside the Louvre, from a visual point of view at least. It moves faster than its predecessors and it's way more stupid proof, I can guarantee. I have been using it without assistance from my buddies since last week, and that says a lot. Well, ok. I made that one phone call when I accidentally pressed the sleep button on my keyboard and I thought it crashed. Why do people even add those buttons above the arrows? It's mean. I will make a confession. Remember how I made fun of that one dude who still uses Internet Explorer a few weeks ago? It's two of them now. Guilty as charged. I did not download Chrome so far, as I'm quite happy with Edge. Everything moves so gently in this new heaven, I don't want to ruin it with the app that consumes as much resources as an Alfa Romeo consumes gas.


All the single ladies,( all the single ladies) All the single ladies, (all the single ladies) All the single ladies, (all the single ladies) All the single ladies Now put your hands up and......and married ladies too, get your friends and boyfriends to install Windows 10 on your computers on the 29th of July because it's really cool. And you'll look smart. And cool. And you'll learn to love your computer. It won't be this "thing I need to work on" thing anymore.