Tech Lolz: Captcha - Is it a bird, is it a plane, is it a fyntrmplo?

Good Friday, my fellow citizens and welcome to our weekly moment of "The weekend is here and nobody worked a single thing today, anyway". I had to build up some visuals the other day, for that job that I am actually good at, I think. And I went on one of my favorite websites for downloading pictures without paying for them of course. In my defense, they are low res, very low res. I chose about 45 images and I managed to download 7 of them. Because the procedure you need to go through to download those pictures makes you wanna go on Shutterstock and pay. Seriously, what is the most annoying thing on the planet after pop-up ads? Stupid, stupid, stupid captchas. We have some too on our website. :)

Hm, I think it says "Turn down volume and chase a s quirrel in a dungeon". In Russian.

I understand the need for security checks, but honestly, at times, the captchas make as much sense as a toddler trying to explain "in vitro" fertilisation. Some of them are like real Mensa tests. You need to be a cum laude dude to actually fill in the gaps. I love the image ones. They're lovely. They give you a green square and ask you what did Picasso have for lunch the week he came up with it.

But enough of my ranting. Time to have le fun. Today we speak of a few kind of cool and funny ones, from Solve Media, the captcha service we are using on our website.

If I had a penny for every time I bumped into a Game of Thrones reference, I'd pay for dinner for the entire cast. I didn't even watch it. I can hear the eggs and tomatoes shredding the wind towards my house now. Can we like… you know… stop referencing it for a change?

That's what she said. Next flight to Texas…..Book Now.

Quick! No time for explanations. Grab the goat and drive!

FOR MY GOAT! I swear it wouldn't have been so funny if this captcha didn't show up immediately after I had hit the Refresh button on the goat captcha.

This captcha reminds me of grandma and the irritating, cringing feeling I felt every time her friends would squeeze my cheeks and say "awww, look at that chubby face. She will definitely never marry if she keeps on eating. Let the cake go, huggle muggle..."

Excuse me, is this where the admission exam for the North Carolina Biological Science University takes place? Am I late?

Mom? Is that you there?


The conclusion is simple. Captchas are fun. I love the ones that make subtle references to movies or books, but some websites simply try too hard. If you're going to make me go through Fort Boyard just to register for an account or for a simple task on a not so important topic, go with a simple recognition test or a simple choice question. This is not Sparta.