Tech Lolz: The best 5 TV series for the ultimate geek

Good day, lovely citizens. The weekend is coming and, let's admit that most of us will check in on Facebook in a nice cute place, where we will spend 15 minutes and then go home and abuse YouTube or some TV series for the following 48 hours. We have to be honest. We don't really like other humans. What is this communication with no smart user interface between us? What is this mouth thing we use to speak? We have to wear nice clothes? What's wrong with pajamas and Messenger ? OK, I need to stop. I am here just to present you my personal top 5 TV series for geeks, as if anyone cared. And I am pretty sure there will be a lot of virtual tomato throwing for leaving out the masterpieces. Also, remember I am a girl so I might be biased in prioritising this list. Right?

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

H ere is my personal number 5: The IT Crowd. If you manage to set aside all the "Married with Children" -like studio laughter, watching this series might be the best decision you have made this whole week. It's light, it has great cameo appearances and it makes you feel less alone in your awkwardness. Definitely a keeper.

It's like a Star Wars enchantment, but on the long term

I am referring to Battlestar Galactica. Which, in terms of awe and excitement, is like Inception met Interstellar and "Lord of the Rings" and they all had a weird metal baby. This is an experience that you need to go thr ough, no matter your degree of geekiness. It just "has-to-happen".

Star Trek - The Next Generation , because it was literally the only good thing that happened in my childhood

Really, here in my country, Star Trek - The Next Generation aired on Sundays when I was a kid. Even today I have a purse that has Picard written on it. I still wear it. It looks as worn as a John Travolta leather jacket but I don't care. I love it! Please watch it. Data forevah!

When jokes are so inappropriate they're brilliant

Yes, I am talking about Misfits. Damn, that series is gorgeous. It has enough science fiction not to go "oh, not another Quantum Leap", it has bad graphics [first season especially] but great jokes and an excellent script. And boy, the actors are amazing! Awesome accents, good acting and some really memorable quotes. Are there more "I don't wanna poke the baby" - fans out there or is it just me?

Are you surprised number one is The Big Bang Theory ?

Does this TV series still need an argument? I really doubt there are humans who haven't watched it yet. So, considering I have nothing new to say to support you in taking a week off to rewatch the whole thing again, I will just make a confession: I am so jealous o f Bernadette. Howard is my number one fantasy choice even if he still has the same haircut as Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys in search for his lost testosterone.


Conclusion you say? Stop wasting time and order pizza with a lot of bacon. You have some serious watching to do. And since I am here, please do recommend in the comments section some new series that you find really good so we can binge watch too. We're already stuffed with these ones. Thank you!