Study on the Anatomy of a Home Network

If there’s one thing we learned while working on the series of articles on networking and our first book, is that home networks are more complex than ever. In order to understand more about the “typical” home network and how hard it is to create and manage, we need your feedback. Therefore please take 5 minutes of your time and tell us: How Complex IS Your Home Network? What do you get in return? Well... for starters prizes worth a total of $450 to choose from.

Reminder: Very few days left until March 31st. If you haven't yet helped us with this study, don't hesitate to do it now. There are also some great prizes up for grabs, to show our appreciation to those that contribute.

UPDATE: The study is now closed. The winners are announced here: The Winners of our Study on the Anatomy of a Home Network.

The Anatomy of a Home Network - The Survey

Prizes - Security Solutions from Panda and BitDefender, plus Network Your Computers & Devices Step by Step

On April 1st 2011, we will give away our prizes:

  • Four digital copies of our book: Network Your Computers & Devices;
  • Four 1-year licenses of Panda Internet Security 2011, for 1 computer;
  • One 1-year license of BitDefender Total Security 2011, for 3 computers;
  • One 1-year licences of BitDefender Internet Security 2011, for 1 computer.

The great thing about it is the fact that winners will get the chance to choose the prize they desire from this list. :)

How to Win

In order to be eligible for winning one of these prizes, you need to complete the survey above and enter a valid e-mail address. Do not worry: the e-mail address will be used ONLY to extract and contact the winners.

The Anatomy of a Home Network - Results

Once we extract all the winners, we will also publish the results of the study, so that everybody has a better understanding of home networking. We plan to use the insights gained through this study as a source of inspiration for future articles which help all our readers. We will also do other interesting things like a O’Reilly Webcast, where we want to take the discussion to a whole new level and share even more insights with the world.