4 replies on Streaming Your Windows Media Player 12 Library Over the Internet

  1. Asgaro says:

    Excellent tutorial, thanks!

  2. Gene Thomas says:

    Can this be done on my iphone? That is, streaming from my computer to the iphone (of course, assuming the iphone is connected to the net)?

  3. Mike says:

    Any suggestions for hiccups in audio streaming over a wired LAN? I am using Windows Media Player 12 to stream mp3 audio (256kbps) from my desktop, over CAT5e, to a D-Link DSM-320 Media Player. The songs continually freeze for a couple seconds every minute or so and it’s become quite an annoyance. I’ve monitored the resources on my desktup (CPU, Memory, Network speed, etc.) and those don’t appear to be a limitation. I also removed UDP from the network protocols to alleviate any firewall issues. I’m fresh out of ideas.

  4. mweiss says:

    When I click “add online ID provider” a web browser opens to the Windows Help page. Where do I go from there?

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