5 Comments to Stream Music Over Your Home Network with Windows Media Player 12

  1. David says:

    what ports need to be open on my router to allow this work. AT the moment my router is blocking it!

  2. sid says:

    Is it possible to control WMP from PC-A and have it play files on PC-B using the audio-out from PC-B.

    I have a file server with all my audio on, it is connected to my stereo. I want to be able to select playlist and play files on that server from another PC on the network. Remote control, but using a PC.


  3. Pedro says:

    How do I “Play to” the same music to two different devices simultaneously? I want the same music to play in different rooms at the same time eg for a party.

  4. Mobile PC Tech says:

    this is a handy article but don’t forget to setup your wireless router to gigabit LAN or N Technology wifi with2.4ghz and 5ghz optionals.

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