35 replies on Stop OneDrive from creating automatic photo albums in 3 steps

  1. Richard says:

    annoying invasion; ms fix the f*** you have already created

  2. Alex says:

    This is a TERRIBLE feature to make default / automatic. Many of the albums thus created are simply useless consumers of OneDrive space, some are private content that I don’t want to save at all, let alone in the hackable cloud.

  3. fred kelemen says:

    this should be an opt-in process, you arrogant bastards.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Google has the same approach. It is not opt-in. 🙁

      • bridge says:

        Yes, when companies are driving us all off a bridge be sure to mention if it is opt-in or not. Never mind the idea of driving off a bridge in the first place…

        This is an inane & aggrivating ‘service’ promoted for one reason only: Because it is technically possible to do so. That’s is. It is also technically possible to whack fire hydrants with sledgehammers but we don’t. How about MS don’t do things because they ‘can’… it is a precident for abuse.

  4. riddler says:

    not needed pointless looking into peoples lives and photos you spies

  5. Art Boyle says:

    auto creation of albums in one drive is the most annoying intrusive bullshit feature I have ever suffered through. I’d like to shove it so far up Microsoft’s ass their nose would bleed.

  6. Wayne R says:

    Hate it

  7. Kelley C says:

    I was hoping to stop the Windows 10 app from doing the same. Already had this option off in One Drive. The root of the problem is Microsoft, I don’t want albums created for me, just because people have photos in their computer doesn’t mean they are always happy to see them.

  8. jim says:

    Yeah i hate it.its intrusinve.
    Mindows 98 se rules .
    Now i cant find one drive at all an my computer but it still keeps making albums

  9. Mr. A Kacperek says:

    This is an extremely unpleasant app. It some time to get rid of it functioning.

  10. Gavin says:

    Onedrive does this with photos stored on PC even though they are not stored in the OneDrive cloud

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      No. It does this only with pictures stored in your OneDrive.

      • Chris says:

        No it doesn’t only do this only with pictures stored in your OneDrive because 1/I uninstalled OneDrive from my PC, and 2/it was reaching into my Apple iCloud folder on my PC and dragging photos into it that weren’t meant to be on my PC in any format.

  11. John Smyth says:

    Dislike entirely. I can understand their desire to provide enhanced services and options, however, as a private free-thinking individual, I prefer to make my choices myself as to what I want and do not want. I prefer to opt in. rather than having my arm twisted forcing me to opt out of something I never requested in the first place. I am mature enough to make my own decisions. Furthermore, in our fastpaced high-tech society, we are losing our individual freedoms to privacy through technical exploitation and intrusions such as facial recognition technology. Thanks, but no thanks. I respect the privacy of others and expect the same courtesy in return.

  12. tasos929292 says:

    it’s creepy to see an album “smiles” with all the photos you smile!! perverts! next time i’ll take a photo of my junk i will smile so you can put in that folder..

  13. Ray Barnes says:

    Thank you Ciprian for writing this article. I completely agree with you. How annoying it is for OneDrive to automatically create albums.

  14. Anton says:

    I absolute hate the clumsy attempt to inject oneDrive into my private life. While I do use OneDrive to backup stuff I definitely do not like that OneDrive messes with said stuff. It’s intrusive and impolite to say the least.

  15. Morgan Feldon says:

    Now OneDrive Albums is so broken that clicking the [+] Add button does nothing. There is literally no way to manually create OneDrive Albums. Gotta love it.

  16. Oddie says:

    It does not make sense to have this feature enabled by default. Extremely annoying. What is a reason you believe your AI is smart enough to know which of those I really want to create album. It keep creating a mixture of unrelated photos in a none sense album everyday.

  17. marwerno says:

    The Photo feed is the most annoying piece of sh… I ever came across. While the basic idea of recently shot pictures is not a bad one, I have thousands of Pngs and gif files for use on my website. Since they are synced, they are shown on the photo feed. NOT great, since every picture surely also has a thumbnail for “quick access” being created and downloaded it just fills my phone up with unnecessary content. I will NOT appreciate all my gifs and web goodies to be displayed in a place where I would love normally to show around to family.
    Even worse: Sometimes it mixes in private pictures from long ago (since I am on slow internet and content is gradually uploaded). I does not run well if you wife sees pictures of your ex-girl friend in a photo feed since my wife uses the same onedrive account. I cannot stop this from happening. Mightily pisses me off!
    …. And no, I am not going to delete old pictures just so they don’t show up in the photo feed…

  18. Tzyde says:

    Does Windows send my images to onecloud without asking me? On my bandwidth?
    I have never signed to onecloud or used it and never will. If I need to store my images in a cloud I will be the one to select the service. I also don’t want my bandwidth to be wasted. If this really happens it’s a breach to my data safety and rights. Do I have to switch to Linux to end this BS?
    What else are they doing to my images than these annoying albums?
    Haistakaa mikrosoft paska!

    • Anonymous says:

      IT is OneDrive, not OneCloud. Also, it does not send anything to Microsoft, unless you turn on its sync feature, and you place your files in the folders that you have chosen for synchronization.

  19. Meg says:

    This advice is as useless as the awful program I’m trying to disable. I don’t have a One Drive account so how can I sign in? I want to stop my computer from organising my photos. I don’t want the onedrive crap at all and it is being forced on me by “upgrades” that have been introduced after I bought this computer.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you have a Microsoft account, you have a OneDrive account.

      • Chris says:

        That is true, BUT it doesn’t mean you have to have OneDrive on your PC. This albums feature is part of the Photos Add-on, which not so coincidentally had just finished installing itself (I had automatic app updates on) when this album was created.

  20. Charles says:

    I HATE this feature and I also hate the fact that when you look at the main options screen random images appear on your desktop. I don’t need other people who might be standing nearby seeing whatever I might have on my computer.

  21. angeline says:

    I bought this computer so I could have control over it. Period.
    this cluttering up is awful and I take care of my own pictures my way.
    You have nothing better to offer than invasive stuff?

  22. Ken says:

    I hate anything automatic especially when the vendor is accessing personal information without my conscious consent. Few people actually read those lengthy legal agreements, including myself, that come with the service. This may protect the company from law suits but it indicates they know there’s a problem with their behavior. imho features like automatic photo albums indicate the vendor is in no way concerned with personal privacy.

  23. anon says:

    terrible feature

  24. Silver Parnell says:

    I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE the automatic features of One Drive and wish I had never had anything to do with it. I organize my photos in my own way and I resent anyone else messing with my organization – ESPECIALLY some random mindless computer that has been programmed by some idiot who doesn’t know me or care about my needs. I hate those programmers. They are just trying to justify their jobs by doing unnecessary crap that the custome does not want or need.

  25. fuz98112 says:

    Hate does not begin to describe the depth of my dislike for this intrusion into my privacy. However, my disgust for this “feature” is second only to that of the fucking hateful “On this day” intrusion. I am, quite frankly, stunned MS does not also publicly post (without my consent) brief highlights of all my emails. MS never has and never will understand the essence of the word: private.

  26. CMM says:

    I had OneDrive disabled, or at least turned off. Suddenly I got a notification that some kind of album had been created. With MY photos which I did not give MS permission to look at. I have had to spend 45 minutes online trying to figure out how to keep it from happening again. This is an unconscionable invasion of privacy.

  27. Nikki says:

    I followed these steps and it worked for awhile. Now the folders are popping up every time I add photos, even though the toggle is switched to OFF.

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