4 replies on How To Set Multiple Sites As Homepages For Internet Explorer

  1. kzinti1 says:

    Or, create a folder in your Favorites, the white star in the top right of I.E. between the Home and Tools icons, name it Alternate Homepages so it’ll be near the top of the list, and enter each of your other homepages there. Saving your I.E. bar for more important tabs.

  2. CENTPAGE Admin says:

    This is an excellent article for those of us who use internet explorer and want to set multiple sites as homepage and use multitasking to your best. This saves a lot of time too. As an alternative I use ‘Session Manager’ chrome app in google chrome to open up my list of favorite websites for any category. Anyway, thanks for this well illustrated article.

  3. Niki says:

    Thanks this saved me a lot of trouble! Many thanks 🙂

  4. paul_petek@hotmail.com says:

    Internet Explorer will only save eight tabs in its home page. I want nine or more. How do I do this?

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