How To Set Multiple Sites As Homepages For Internet Explorer

Whenever you open Internet Explorer, the default homepage is automatically loaded. The homage is a website or a web page and it can differ based on your settings. Generally, Internet Explorer uses or Bing as its default homepage. Not many users know that you can set multiple sites or pages as the homepage for Internet Explorer. For example, when you start this browser, you may want it to load 7 Tutorials, your inbox and your Facebook account. Here's how to configure Internet Explorer so that it does that.

How To Set Multiple Sites As Homepages For The Desktop Version Of Internet Explorer

Setting the homepage in Internet Explorer is a similar process, both in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 and we will use screenshots taken in Windows 8.1.

First, you'll have to open Internet Explorer. Then, open a tab for each site you want to set as your homepage.

Once all the websites are loaded, click the Tools button, found on the upper-right side of the Internet Explorer window. Then, click Internet Options.

You can set the homepages in the first section of the General tab from the Internet Options section. To set all the websites that you have opened as your homepages, click or tap the Use current button.

Click or tap OK and, from now on, whenever you'll open Internet Explorer, all these websites will be loaded automatically, each in its separate tab.

How To Set Multiple Sites As Homepages For The Touch Version Of Internet Explorer

In case you're using Windows 8.1 and you prefer the touch version of Internet Explorer, you can also set multiple homepages for this browser.

Start by launching the Internet Explorer app. Then, open a site that you want to set as a homepage. Once it's loaded, click or tap the Page tools button from the bottom right side of the screen.

Next, click or tap Options from the Page tools menu.

Look for the Home pages section and click or tap Customize.

Finally, to set the current website as your homepage, click or tap "Add current site" and you're done.

To add more websites as your homepages, repeat the steps shared earlier and all the websites that you want. The next time you'll open the Internet Explorer app, it will automatically load all the homepages that you have set.

NOTE: If you're using Windows 8.1, the settings you make in either the desktop or the touch version of Internet Explorer are applied in both versions. If you have set some websites as the homepages on the desktop version of this browser, they will be your homepages in the touch version too.


As you can see, setting multiple websites as your homepages is quick and easy, no matter if you prefer using the desktop or the touch version of Internet Explorer. For more tips and tricks about this browser, don't hesitate to check the articles recommended below.