Set Cortana to use Google and Chrome, instead of Bing and Microsoft Edge

If you love Cortana as your digital assistant, but you do not like that she uses Bing for web searches, we have good news for you. You can set Cortana to perform Google searches straight from the Windows 10 desktop, and you get the best of both worlds. Most people like Google more than Bing, so if you are one of them, you should read this tutorial. We show you all the steps required to set Cortana to use Google and Chrome, instead of Bing and Microsoft Edge. Let's start:

Step 1. Set Google Chrome as your default web browser in Windows 10

If you want Cortana to make web searches through Google, you must first set Google Chrome as the default web browser. You can find guidance here: 3 ways to change the default web browser in Windows 10. The fastest way to set Google Chrome as your default web browser in Windows 10 is to open the Settings app, go to Apps -> Default apps, click or tap the default Web browser and then select Google Chrome.

Setting Google Chrome as the default web browser in Windows 10

Step 2. Make sure that the default search engine used by Google Chrome is Google

If Google Chrome's settings have not been altered, the default search engine it uses is Google. However, it is essential that this is true if you want Cortana to make web searches using Google and not other search engines like Bing or Yahoo!. So let's make sure that the default search engine used by Google Chrome is indeed Google:

Open Google Chrome, and click or tap on its menu button from the top right corner. It is named "Customize and control Google Chrome." In the menu that opens, go to Settings.

Opening Google Chrome Settings

In the Settings tab, scroll until you find the section called Search and check whether the default search engine is set to Google. If it is not, select it from the list of options.

Setting Google as the default search engine in Google Chrome

Setting Google Chrome as the default web browser on your Windows 10 computer or device and making sure that its default search engine is Google is just the first part of the process. You still need two additional tools to make Cortana use the Google search engine and the Chrome browser instead of Bing and Microsoft Edge. Let's see what you have to do next:

Step 3. Install the Chrometana Pro extension in Google Chrome

Now you have to install an extension for Google Chrome, called Chrometana Pro. To get it, open Google Chrome and go to this web address: Chrometana Pro - Redirect Cortana and Bing. On Chrometana Pro's web page, click or tap the Add to Chrome button.

The Chrometana Pro extension from the Chrome Web Store

When Google Chrome asks you if you want to "Add ''Chrometana Pro - Redirect Cortana and Bing," choose "Add extension."

Installing the Chrometana Pro extension in Google Chrome

Once the Chrometana Pro extension is installed in Google Chrome, it launches a new browser tab in which you are told that you need another tool to finish the process of redirecting Cortana and Bing to Chrome and Google.

Step 4. Install Edge Deflector

The second tool that you need is called Edge Deflector. It can redirect web searches to your default web browser, even if Windows 10 wants to open them in Microsoft Edge. Edge Deflector is open source software, and you can download it from its official GitHub page: EdgeDeflector Releases. On this web page, go to the Latest release section and click or tap on the EdgeDeflector_install.exe link.

The download link for Edge Deflector, on GitHub

You should get a tiny executable file (55.6 KB) called EdgeDeflector_Install.exe, which you can save anywhere you want on your Windows 10 PC.

The Edge Deflector executable file

Double-click or double-tap on the executable file and install it on your PC. Note that you need to use an administrator account to be able to do that. When you are asked whether you want to allow EdgeDeflector to make changes to your computer, answer Yes.

Approving the installation of Edge Deflector

When the installation is over, you should see a dialog in which you are asked if you want to use EdgeDeflector, Microsoft Edge or other apps to open web links. Choose EdgeDeflector and click/tap on "Always use this app," so that EdgeDeflector always redirects the web searches you do from now on to your default browser, which is Google Chrome.

Set EdgeDeflector to redirect web links

In case you closed the dialog or did not manage to make the selections do not worry. You can restart the installation of Edge Deflector and make the selections at the end. Alternatively, you can open Cortana, do a web search and click or tap on a search result. When you do that, you should see the same dialog that asks what application you want to use. This time, make sure to select Edge Deflector and "Always use this app" before pressing OK.

Step 5. Test Cortana and see if she is better with Google

Everything should be set up and, from now on, each time you ask Cortana to search the web, she automatically launches Google Chrome and provides you with search results from Google. Go ahead and test it and see how it works!

Using Cortana to search for Digital Citizen

An issue that we encountered (in the Windows 10 search previews)

We have tested everything that we showed in this guide, and everything worked well on our test computers. However, there is one thing that Chrometana Pro and Edge Deflector cannot do.

Although they do redirect web searches to Google Chrome and use the Google search engine, they cannot change the previews you see on the right side of the Windows 10 search. The results you get in the search preview pane are hardcoded to use Bing only, and there is no way to change that for the moment.

The Windows 10 search still shows web search previews using Bing

However, if you click or tap on a search result from the preview pane, Cortana does not open it in Microsoft Edge, but in Google Chrome. It is not perfect, but that is the best we can get right now.

Did you configure Cortana to use Google and Chrome?

As you have seen, making this change involves a few steps, but they are not hard to perform. If you follow our instructions, you should be done in just a few minutes. Before closing this tutorial, let us know why you made this change. Was it because you have a love and hate relationship with Cortana in Windows 10 or because you do not like Bing and Microsoft Edge? Do you like Cortana more when she uses Google instead of Bing?

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