See How Private Your Facebook Posts are With ZoneAlarm Privacy Scan

We continue our Security for Everyone series by testing a different kind of security app for Facebook - one that evaluates how safe your posting habits are. One that shows how reckless you are when posting on this social network. We are talking about ZoneAlarm Privacy Scan. Read this article to learn how it works and how it can be useful to you.

How to Install & Enable ZoneAlarm Privacy Scan

Go to the app page, using this link: ZoneAlarm Privacy Scan. You need to provide your approval for the app to access your data and scan it.

Unlike other apps, this app doesn't need the permission to post on your behalf. That's because it is a different kind of app - one that doesn't regularly scan your news feed. It only scans your own posts, only when you access the app manually.

What Does ZoneAlarm Privacy Scan Do?

Once your approval is given, the app loads and automatically evaluates the posts you've made in the last month and the posts in which you are tagged.

Then, it displays a report, with scores for the following criteria: how many of your posts are public and visible to everyone, how many of your posts are visible to friends of friends, in how many posts you were tagged and what is your general privacy awareness.

You are also shown some stats about how often you posted, commented, shared and liked stuff in the last month, plus a final grade for your overall activity, from a privacy perspective.

If found this evaluation to be quite revealing. What's good about it, is that it gives you direct links to those posts where you should consider changing your settings.

Following ZoneAlarm's recommendations immediately helps you configure things so that your recent activity is a lot more private. Also, during the next evaluation, you will see your privacy score going up.

The app also provides a link to a webpage with useful privacy tips for Facebook.

To use this app and have it evaluate your activity, you must manually access its app page: ZoneAlarm Privacy Scan. It doesn't post any reports on your wall, nor does it send you any messages. Many users will appreciate this. I know I do.

Verdict - An Educational Security App for Facebook

As you can see, ZoneAlarm Privacy Scan is different from other security apps for Facebook. It doesn't act like a true security app but more as a privacy teacher, sharing how you can improve your posting behavior and settings. Personally, I found it very educational and useful. I recommend it to Facebook users who need someone to teach them how to post stuff in a private and secure manner.