What is an antivirus or a security suite? How do I choose a good security product? How do I use my computers and devices in a secure manner?


How to Decrypt a TrueCrypt Encrypted Drive or Partition

  • tutorial
  • Ciprian Adrian Rusen
  • 02.08.2012
If encrypting a partition with TrueCrypt can be a lengthy and painful process, the decryption is a lot smoother and faster. In this guide, I would like to share the steps involved, to make you feel comfortable and confident enough to go ahead with the...

What is the Performance Impact of System Encryption With TrueCrypt

  • tutorial
  • Ciprian Adrian Rusen
  • 27.07.2012
One of my recent dilemmas was: if I encrypt my computer, how much will computing performance have to suffer because of it? Will there be a big difference? If yes, in which areas? That's why I decided to run some tests on both my computers...

How to Encrypt Your System Drive With TrueCrypt In a Multi-Boot Configuration

  • tutorial
  • Ciprian Adrian Rusen
  • 25.07.2012
Many people use TrueCrypt to encrypt their systems and maintain their data as safe as possible. Encrypting your computer when you have one operating system installed and one partition is relatively easy, even with TrueCrypt. But, what about encrypting your system drive when using a...

How Security Products Are Made - A Discussion with Bitdefender

  • misc
  • Ciprian Adrian Rusen
  • 23.03.2012
One of the topics of interest at 7 Tutorials is security. Not only we write articles and tutorials about how to have a safe computing experience but we also review security products on a regular basis. One of the things we wanted to learn more...

How to Backup and Restore Windows Vault Passwords

  • tutorial
  • Ciprian Adrian Rusen
  • 15.02.2012
One way to use the Credential Manager is to export your Windows credentials to another Windows computer, or to back them up and import them after you reinstall Windows, so that you don't have to manually type them again. This can be useful in some...

How To Report Malicious Websites in Internet Explorer

  • tutorial
  • Ciprian Adrian Rusen
  • 28.01.2012
Another less known feature of Internet Explorer is that, not only it checks the websites you visit against a list of known malicious sites, but it also allows users to report malicious websites they encounter. In this tutorial, I will show how to report such...

Password Security - Turn Your Dumb Habits Into Geek Habits

  • tutorial
  • Ciprian Adrian Rusen
  • 20.09.2011
When it comes to computing habits, people are always bad at security and passwords. We keep reusing the same password(s) over and over again and we don't realize how easy we make it for the bad guys to steal our credit card details and other...

How to Create or Delete User Accounts in Windows 7

  • tutorial
  • Florina Muntenescu
  • 21.01.2010
Building on our article about how to edit user accounts, I will try to complete this subject with a tutorial about creating and deleting user accounts and how to turn on or off the guest account in Windows 7. I'll also explain what is the...
Action Center

How to Work with the Action Center in Windows 7

  • tutorial
  • Codrut Neagu
  • 13.01.2010
Windows 7 comes with a convenient way to help you review the state of your system and find solutions to security and maintenance issues. The feature which facilitates this is called Action Center and it is built upon the foundation set by the Windows Security...
User Account Control (UAC)

Windows 7 vs. Windows Vista: the UAC Benchmark

  • tutorial
  • Ciprian Adrian Rusen
  • 04.08.2009
One of the most hated features of Windows Vista is the User Account Control, or UAC in short. Many people found it annoying and chose to disable it right away, even if this meant exposing their system to additional security threats. In Windows 7, Microsoft...