Security for Everyone - Reviewing ESET Social Media Scanner

5 out of 5 stars

The next guest in our series is ESET Social Media Scanner - a great looking security app for Facebook. It is bundled with the desktop security products sold by ESET but it can also be used by Facebook users who don't use such software. But, before you do use it and give it access to your Facebook account, it is best to learn how it works and whether it is worth installing. Find out more in this review.

How to Install & Enable ESET Social Media Scanner

Go to the app page, using this link: ESET Social Media Scanner. You need to provide your approval for the app to access your data and scan it.

Then, you are asked to select whether you allow the app to post on your behalf, when threats are detected or summaries, on a weekly basis.

Then, you are taken to the app's dashboard where you are first shown an overview of its features.

What Does ESET Social Media Scanner Do?

As you will see for yourself, ESET Social Media Scanner has many useful features:

  • Automatic daily scan of your profile and unlimited manual scans.
  • The possibility to notify your friends when they share risky links.
  • The publishing of weekly statistics on your wall (only if you enable this feature).
  • The option to be notified by email when threats are detected or when you need to re-approve this app every 60 days so that it keeps working.
  • The option to start a scan of your computer, using ESET Online Scanner.

The only missing feature is the option to evaluate your privacy settings and suggest improvements, a feature present in Bitdefender Safego. The product works well and discreetly. You hear from it only if something important is going on.

I appreciate a lot the detailed and transparent Privacy Policy which explains in detail what data is collected, why and what ESET does with it. Also, ESET Social Media Scanner has great documentation, with a complete description of all its features and how they work. You can access it here.

Product Rated


ESET has one of the best antivirus and internet security suites, as proved by our tests in the Security for Everyone series. Therefore, we had high expectations of ESET Social Media Scanner and we're happy to say the app met them. Just like its desktop counterparts, the app looks good, it is easy to use and discreet in its functioning. Also, the company its very transparent about its privacy policies and practices. To conclude our mini-review, ESET Social Media Scanner is a solid security app that we recommend to all owners of a Facebook account.