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5 out of 5 stars

Sensitive apps protection, with "App Lock"

ESET Mobile Security for Android includes a protection module called App Lock, which you can use to block access to certain apps that you manually choose. This is a handy feature to have, especially if your Android device is sometimes used by other people, like your children. To be able to use this module, you must give ESET permissions to control your apps. Then, you can select what apps you want to block, and choose a PIN code for them. Once an app has been blocked, it can be opened only if you know the PIN code or if your fingerprint matches one of those saved on your device.

App Lock - how it works

Although App Lock restricts access to apps, it does not also hide their notifications. For instance, we locked the Messaging app to hide the SMS messages received. However, the messages we received were still shown in the notifications, so the module does not offer 100% protection.

Notifications from locked apps are still visible on the lock screen

The App Lock offers an excellent way of limiting access to apps on your device, and it works pretty well, as none of the locked apps can be opened without the PIN code you set. However, the notifications you get from the locked apps are still displayed, so the module does not completely hide your personal information.

Checking the security of your home network with Connected Home Monitor

Connected Home Monitor displays a visual representation of your local network and the devices that are connected to it. It can also scan your WiFi router and other devices in your home network for vulnerabilities. It can detect weaknesses such as outdated firmware, open ports, weak passwords, and others. This information should help you with strengthening the vulnerabilities and repair security holes so that your home network and devices do not fall prey to hackers or become part of botnets.

Connected Home Monitor

Connected Home Monitor is a useful tool if you want to know what changes you have to make to secure your home network.

Running a "Security Audit"

ESET Mobile Security for Android also offers a Security Audit module. It gives you access to two important categories: Device Monitoring and Application Audit.

To be protected from certain dangers, Device Monitoring alerts you when one of the next events take place:

  • When you connect to an unsafe Wi-Fi network
  • When your device no longer has enough memory
  • When your device is using the data plan while roaming
  • When you are using the voice plan while roaming
  • When the debugging mode is enabled on your device
  • If your device has been rooted.

Application audit gives you a list of categories based on your applications' permissions. These categories include things like "Use paid services," "Track location," "Read identity info," "Read personal data," "Record media," "Access messages" and "Access contacts." These details can show you what apps have permissions that they should not ask for.

Security Audit offered by ESET Mobile Security for Android

The Security Audit offered by ESET Mobile Security for Android alerts you when your security is weaker than it should, and it gives you a general idea on what apps have too many permissions.

Efficiency, speed and performance impact

One crucial aspect to take into consideration when evaluating any security product is the impact it has on your smartphone's speed and performance. We checked whether ESET Mobile Security increases the boot time of our Android smartphone. That is a Huawei P10 lite with Android 8 Oreo, which boots in 38 seconds. By boot time, we mean the time it takes after you press the Power button until the home screen is shown for the first time. After installing ESET Mobile Security for Android, our Huawei P10 lite needed the same time to boot, not one second more, which means that this security app does not have any negative impact on the time it takes for your Android device to start.

To get an even better idea of how much it affects performance, we also ran PCMark's Work 2.0 benchmarks, before and after we installed ESET Mobile Security for Android on our Android test smartphone. The scores we obtained were similar, resulting in an average decrease of performance of about 5%, which is negligible.

PCMark Work 2.0 performance scores

Before ending the review, it is worth checking the ratings ESET Mobile Security has received from independent security organizations:

  • AV-Test gave ESET a maximum score of 6 points out of 6 both for Protection and Usability.
  • AV-Comparatives tested ESET and gave it an Advanced badge for the malware protection score and an Advanced+ badge in the performance test.

The benchmarks we ran on our Android test smartphone showed that ESET Mobile Security for Android does not have a visibly negative impact on your device's performance.

What is your opinion about ESET Mobile Security for Android?

Now you know that we have a good opinion regarding ESET Mobile Security for Android. We like the options, functions, and features offered by this antivirus and we believe that this is one of the best for Android. What is your opinion about it? Did you try this app? Tell us what you think, in the comments section below.