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  1. david hill says:

    My question is about moviemaker live.
    I want the ability to play music over a video with people talking on the video.I know how to do that! I want to be able to turn the music volume up and down within the clip. Eg When the people arnt talking on the tape i want to here the music. when they do talk I want to lower the volume on the music. Can I do it ?


      You can cut the video- when you want the music/music to be louder, adjust in the music/ video tools.
      Example if you want the music to be louder, you can split the video and music from the previous. Then go to music tools to make the music louder.

  2. korak says:

    problem here is that everytime im splitting the .mts files the program stalls on me..
    If after several times trying finally some video has been edited it then says: Not enough memory and once again the program freezes

  3. eddie says:

    how do I keep it from crashing during the save to movie portion?

  4. Kerry says:

    I shot some home video on my camcorder, made my project and saved it. Then I saved it as mpeg (also tried wmv) but I only get audio, the picture has gone? What do I need to do??

  5. Rocco Annarella says:

    Saved my finished .wlmp live moviemaker 2011 with the .wmv extention as directed. The copy will play on my computer but not on my BlueRay playback recorder. (error…Disk not compatable). BlueRay suggests DVD blanks of DVD-RW & DVD-R. Neither would work. Help! Help! Please

  6. Richa Deolia says:

    hi..i have created a movie in .wlmp format , and have even saved it in .wmv format but when i play it on my computer i am able to hear only the audio and unable to view the video..y so? pls help..its urgent…

  7. Linda says:

    My finished movie has a timer ticking and I cannot remove the sound. HELP

  8. Stephanie says:

    I saved my movie in .wmv format and opened it up to continue editing it. However, my storyboard is slightly greyed out and I cannot edit within the existing file at all. I can play it on my PC. Please tell me that once it is saved I can still edit the file–I have more photos and all the music I still need to add. And I need to move photos around.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      You can edit the Movie Maker project file not the final movie you exported from it. The project file has the extension: .wlmp, not .wmv as the end result.

  9. sikandar says:

    When I save my video(which ever format in the save list), the finalized video is completely black having nothing in it but audio only.
    I don’t know what is the problem with it. Please advise if someone knows. Thanks.

    • AES says:

      That’s happened to me, too. In my case, it was because I moved the original pictures files I had used, so suddenly the project couldn’t “find them” to show on the movie. Try putting the pictures back in the file you originally used and see if that helps. Otherwise, you might just have to start over. Hope that helps!

  10. AnneFriel says:

    My slideshow can be viewed on PCs OK but not on my nexus 10 or friends iPads. Can you help please – in simple terms as I am NOT a techie. Thanking you in anticipation Annielf

  11. JAN MCINNES says:

    can you tell me how do I make my format smaller – I get to 80% and it tells me that the file is too big – sais try saving at lower resolutions – what the hell is that and how do I do it.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Read the section named Creating Custom Settings. It details how to set lower resolutions and other important aspects.

  12. AVSEC BOSTJAN says:

    I have created three hours long video which I have saved under lets say END OF THE TV project.

    Because, movies(videos) that are uploaded to youtube/dailymotions can have maximum amount of time one hour, I have divided “END OF THE TV” project in three parts(three different projects).

    Idea was to normally save first one hour part, then subtract from END OF THE TV the first and third part to record second part and finally to sub track from END OF THE TV the first and second part in order to record third part.

    Well…. my three hour dream have ended after I have attempted to record first part from END OF THE TV because upon saving it as the part one and under new video title “part one”, the original END OF THE TV became equal to part one(original video have saved same video prefrences as the part one). In another words, original three hour END OF THE TV was turned into part one(screwed three hours of video recording – impossible to explain how much work was invested in it). Is it possible to fix this or will I end up to loose another week !!? Thank you for your help.

    I don’t think there should be an excuse for Microsoft for flows to that degree. Extremely embarrassing.

  13. Mia says:

    hi..i have created a movie in .wlmp format , and have even saved it in .wmv format but when i play it on my computer i am able to hear only the audio and unable to view the video..y so? pls help.

  14. Graham says:

    Hello! I need help desperately PLEASE! I have created a combination video/slide show in WLMM 2011 and it is quite a large file – close to 2GB. When I try saving it so that I can write it to a DVD, I keep being told that there are files missing and that the ‘movie’ cannot be saved until these files are either removed or replaced. The problem is that there are no missing files. I have played the entire things through and there is nothing missing. I think it is a memory problem – somewhere. I’m not a computer buff so I’m not sure where to start searching for a solution – except here… LOL!!! PLEASE can some one help?

    • ron says:

      Your problem about missing files which really are there in Windows Movie maker, was a while ago. I am still having the same problem. Did you get a solution?

  15. Avinash Jain says:

    Hello !
    I had made my movie using photos and music but when i save my movie, even in recommended format, i am not able to see my pictures in the final video. i had not even moved my original photo files. why is this happening please let me know soon.

  16. honey says:

    hi..i have created a movie in .wlmp format , and have even saved it in .wmv format but when i play it on my computer i am able to hear only the audio and unable to view the video..y so? pls help.

  17. Jasothika says:

    I saved my project as .WMV But when I played it..I could only hear the audio not the video…Please help

  18. Jasothika says:

    I saved my project as .WMV But when I played it..I could only hear the audio not the video…Please help

  19. mahesh says:

    i have created movie maker with photos and i am unable to open it in the Mobile(only audio is coming). I tried all the possible ways with all converters but it’s not working .

  20. Beverly . Laverty says:

    I made a video, saved the project to a movie in a MP4 file. I was then able to “send” it to my new Samsung TV.

    Then I made another video, exactly the same way, but in the “send to” menu I don’t see my new Samsung TV. Can you tell me what I did differently, so I can view both movies on my TV?

  21. rs says:

    Hi there I couldn’t see the video only the audio when I save the project.
    Can anyone please share some light…..

  22. Grishma says:


    i have made a movie of approx 10 minutes and its in wmv format.
    while i m publishing movie its not geting saved and the movie maker stops wid an error…
    i have a very important presentation.
    plz help asap.

  23. Jode says:

    I was able to finish a project with animations and visual effects. However, when I saved it as a movie, the animations were lost. Can anyone help me please? Thanks!

    • Elvia says:

      Hi, I experienced the same problem. I found that I was having trouble because I was saving the file directly to my OneDrive or trying to publish it without saving it first. Once I saved the file directly to my video folder on my computer rather than the cloud, all of the transitions came through and I was able to upload it from there.

  24. Margarita says:

    Hello! I need your help.. while trying to save my project to convert it to wmv a msg appears that a file is missing. What should i do? I have tried everything…

  25. dawid says:

    please help, have made a slide show (around 20 slides . jpg) with music (.wav). around 5 minutes long. no transitions. no fx. all good. only when i export to .wmv and play the file back (.wmv) a couple of the slides get a fade in transition which i had NOT put in or asked for. they all work fine in the .MSWMM mode, and you don’t see the fades there in the screen in the work mode. they only appear in the final video. very strange. any ideas please. thank you.

    • dawid says:

      just to add. i tried exporting to low quality .wmv and all is fine – no extra transitions between slides. but i lose a lot of video quality that way. the ideal output for me would be a standard high quality (640×480) but that’s where i get the problem. thanks.

  26. Aaron Haselrig says:

    I am saving a project that contains both video and audio files, .mp4 and .mp3 when I go to save it it seems to not be doing anything it just displays saving movie step 1 of 2: 0% complete but it won’t progress even after over 9 hours please help

  27. sambirdies says:

    My problem is that the maximum video save size is 1080p i wanted 4k 🙁

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      This program is not capable of working with 4K video. You should try professional video editing tools for this task.

  28. Michael Roth says:

    Please help me, my gf sent me a video in format .wlmv, via google+ i have tried opening, downloading, playing etc. The movie in this format which i have been unable to do. I’m not sure whether she has the orig. On her laptop or not, but if she doesn’t am I screwed on being able to watch this vid in current format? Is there something i can do on my end? or is it up to her to reformat (is that possible, assuming she still has it?) If she erased her orig copy, is there no way to recover it? Please help. Thank u

  29. gail says:

    Help! I made a 1 hour movie using Movie maker version 12 and now it can’t be viewed on a blu-ray player. I’ve made movies before and now i can’t remember what i did at the end to make that happen. Please give me the specific steps I need to go through once I’ve finished the movie. So much time and now I can’t do anything with it.

  30. Roblox Shows says:

    Whats the quickest way to convert it.

  31. Columbus says:

    I need some help. I edited my video and added a couple songs. When I play it in movie maker the transitions of the songs are very smooth, however once I save it as a video one of my songs keeps playing about half a second longer which makes it sound really bad. Anyone any idea why this happens?

  32. Ken says:

    This is a great tutorial and has been very helpful.
    Many thanks!

  33. Wordwitch2222 says:

    I have a project on WLMM but do not have the option to ‘Save Movie’. That option is greyed out…it cannot be clicked on.

  34. Aidan conway says:

    This is rubbish movie maker is not free
    You have to pay to save files in any useful format other than mm format

  35. tuaha usman says:

    i have saved the movie but after playing it it is only audio and no video i am not undersdtanding what should i do plz help me

  36. Trish says:

    I’ve tried this and still having problems converting this. It’s too large to do the easy way. Do I need to save it in a program I may not have?? Been at this for months here and there give up and step away until ready to give it another go!!!! Ahhhhh

  37. Wolfgang Oehry says:

    What would I select to get a file I can upload to my website? Email?

  38. daveclark966 says:

    To get a better output quality, most of people will choose Avdshare Video Converter, the most popular MOV to Windows DVD Maker Converter to convert their MOV files.

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