How To Save Battery Power While Browsing The Web In Internet Explorer

One of the great features of Internet Explorer is its ability to save battery time while browsing the Internet. All you have to do is adjust a setting from your active power plan in order to make this web browser use less power. In this article we will show you how this is done and we'll also share with you a rough estimate about the performance impact it has on your browsing experience.

How To Set Internet Explorer To Save Power While Running On Battery

Internet Explorercan be customized to save power when you are browsing the web while running on battery. This can be done by editing the advanced settings of your active power plan.

First, you'll have to open the Power Options window. If you need guidance on how to do that, we recommend you to read this article: How To Customize Basic Power Plan Settings In Windows and, if you want to learn more about editing power plans so that you get more battery life on your Windows mobile device, you should also check out this tutorial: 13 Ways to Save Power by Tweaking Power Plans in Windows.

There, you will see a section called Internet Explorer. If you expand it, you will find the JavaScript Timer Frequency which can be set to offer Maximum Performance or Maximum Power Savings.

Power Options, Internet Explorer, save, power, JavaScript Timer Frequency

Edit your active power plan and set it to offer Maximum Power Savings when running on battery. Then, click or tap on OK.

The Performance Impact This Has On Your Browsing

You might be curious to learn the performance impact of using this power saving setting for Internet Explorer. We were also curious, so we chose to run the Octane 2.0 browser benchmark on a Windows 10 laptop. We ran it three times while running Internet Explorer with the Maximum Performance setting and calculated the average score. It was 6768. Then, we ran it three times with Maximum Power Savings enabled and the average score was 6425. This means a 5% decrease in browsing performance.

Power Options, Internet Explorer, save, power, JavaScript Timer Frequency


5% lower performance is a good trade when battery time is critical for you and you want to make sure that you squeeze the maximum possible autonomy out of your Windows laptop, tablet or hybrid device. Configuring this Internet Explorer power saving setting for your active power plan, can help in getting a decent trade-off between the speed of browsing the web and battery time. Try it out and let us know how well it works for you.

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